Ace Green Initiatives

Sustainability in all we do

The very nature of industrial laundering, or uniform rental,  is more environmentally friendly than home laundering. Wash formulas are tailored to fabrics and soil conditions, weighed loads and microprocessor-controlled detergent injection systems make the industrial laundry process highly water and energy-efficient.

Reduce & Reuse

Shop towel rentals and mops are reusable and are well maintained by our staff. Your business avoids using disposable products or having employees wear out personal clothing that is not good for the environment.

All of our efforts are focused on saving energy, ensuring air-quality, reducing waste, and helping our uniform customers reduce or control costs all while delivering value to them every single week.

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Green Initiatives

Our water recycling systems re-use over 8 million gallons of water annually

Decreased our electrical consumption. All facilities recently retrofitted with new high-efficiency LED bulbs.

New solar panels supply approximately 15% of the electricity Ace uses. Reduced CO2 emissions by 25,000 tons over its lifetime

Reduce landfill waste with recycling programs for damaged mats, cardboard, paper, E-waste, and metals.

Heat reclamation system captures heat from dirty water and uses it to warm incoming clean water, saving millions of BTUs annually.

1000s of pounds of oils, greases and solids are removed from the water prior to discharge, helping to keep our waterways clean.

Commercial laundering and reusing textiles (towels, mops, etc) is fundamentally green, reducing the amount of paper waste that ends up in landfills.

Reuse and recycling of wire hangers reduces landfill waste.



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