Uniform Rental Services

Customized, Branded Uniforms for Your Employees

When it comes to business and industries–looks really do matter! Having the right uniform is important to your workplace not just to keep your employees safe, but to provide them with a sense of belonging. Uniforms aren’t about looking the same, it’s about being a part of a team.

First impressions are everything, and uniform programs are here to help build your brand. If your employee is wearing a dirty uniform, customers will perceive your business as unprofessional or uncaring. Plus, when you’re employees are wearing uniforms with your logo on them, it makes your team look more cohesive and orderly. That’s why Ace has programs for any industry, to help you build and protect your company image and deliver your customers a satisfying experience from the very beginning. 

Uniform Programs to Fit Any Industry

Ace ImageWear can keep your team looking sharp, no matter what industry you’re in. From Automotive to Petrochemical, we have a program that’ll give you the perfect fit.


Automotive Uniforms

Trust OEM branded automotive uniforms for 19 of the top automotive brands and provide a complete program to your entire dealership, from salespeople to technicians.


Bioscience Uniforms

Outfit your team in proper work attire, from scrubs to lab coats, all with fabrics, compliance, and safety in mind.

Food Processing

Food Processing Uniforms

Let Ace provide your food manufacturing program with uniforms that meet HACCP compliance standards, keep employees safe and promote your company’s image, all with a thorough cleaning process every time.

Fire Retardent

Fire Retardant Garments

Electricians, welders, maintenance workers, HVAC providers and more require uniforms specifically created to protect employees who could be exposed to fire and keep them safe.

High Vis & Safety

High Visibility & Safety Uniforms

Whether on the roads, working late at night, or moving through a shipping dock, enhanced and high visibility garments are essential for worker safety.


Manufacturing & Industrial Uniforms

From employees on the shop floor to plant manager and even your maintenance department, outfit your team in work pants, work shirts, and specialty garments to stay safe and comfortable.


Jackets & Outerwear

Don’t be afraid to represent your company and brand in the cold with customized outerwear to keep you warm and not limit visibility.



When safety is a top priority, try a fully compliant and comfortable uniform rental program to meet even the roughest and toughest industrial-grade requirements.


Every Industry

Don’t see your industry listed? We can provide uniforms for you and your team. Check out our catalog to get an idea of what we offer and then reach out to us with what you’re looking for.

Ace Your Uniform Rental Program

Ace ImageWear provides our customers with the experience they deserve because we hold ourselves accountable. Our rental program is easy and cost-saving, with high-quality service and high-quality products. When you rent from Ace, you’re renting from a local and family-owned business with local values. 

  • Accurate and Complete Deliveries: We’ve eliminated the risk of inaccurate or incomplete deliveries thanks to our TrAce Garment Technology. By using ultra-high RFID chips to track products in our facility, we are able to promise your employees garments are tracked, bundled, and verified before leaving our warehouse.
  • Quality Uniform Products: Ace promises our customers the best quality uniforms, so we only partner with the best garment manufacturers. Red Kap, SanMar, Dickies, Bulwark, Reed, and others. They come in a variety of fits, fabrics, and sizes so there is something for everyone on your team. 
  • Personal Service: You can always reach a real person by phone or email. Ace doesn’t have call centers! Your Route Service Representative also is the face of Ace and can answer questions and resolve issues on the spot.
  • Industry Compliance: Ace works with food processing and manufacturing companies, bio and health sciences, and chemical manufacturing. These industries have certain requirements for styles, handling, and washing, and Ace always promises to follow them to ensure everyone stays safe.

What’s Included in a Uniform Rental Program?

A uniform rental program from Ace ImageWear will work to your advantage, providing you with the perfect number and type of uniforms for your team at a price that's within your budget. Additionally, any garments that have been worn down and no longer usable will be upgraded to make sure your team maintains a professional look.

Delivery days to fit your schedule

Ace provides delivery on a flexible schedule, usually Monday through Thursday. If a Federal Holiday occurs on a Monday, they'll deliver the Friday before. If the holiday is during the week, they adjust the delivery days to guarantee customers receive their uniforms promptly.

Uniform Program Options

No matter which uniform program you choose, we make it an easy process for you and your employees.

Ace Champion™ Uniform Rental Program Service

Our most popular program, the Ace Champion uniform rental program is customized to your company based on the number of days you work, and your work environment.

What It Includes:

  • A full two week rotating inventory of clothes
  • Fully embroidered name and company emblem on each uniform work shirt, and no digitizing charge to set-up your logo
  • Weekly pick-up and delivery service
  • On-site measuring and sizing of new hires, with a guaranteed one-week turnaround delivery for their uniforms
  • All cleaning and finishing of your garments no matter what grime, dirt, grease, oil or other grit they may encounter
  • All repairs, size changes, and replacements as needed
  • Exclusive technology systems that eliminate shortages every step of the way
  • Lifetime maintenance and upgrade service on all uniform garments

Ace Contender Uniform Lease Program

This lease program is a good fit for those that prefer to launder and press their own garments. These are often business casual or uniformed work dress shirts.

What It Includes:

  • A one week supply of clothes
  • Fully embroidered name and company emblem on each uniform work shirt, and no digitizing charge to set-up your logo
  • All repairs, size changes, and replacements as needed
  • Exclusive technology systems that eliminate shortages every step of the way
  • Lifetime maintenance and upgrade service on all uniform garments

Ace Uniform Direct Purchase

We offer all of our uniform garments and apparel for purchase for those clients who prefer to buy them directly. As with our regular uniform rental programs, we will customize garments with your logo, to ensure all garments are branded for your business. Complimentary professional fitting included.

This is also an ideal option for current customers who want to add branded company apparel for front office staff, sales executives, and other employees who don't participate in a full rental program.

How Much Does a Uniform Rental Program Cost?

That's a question we get often. While the answer depends on the different types of uniform garments, the number of employees you have, how many workdays you have and any unique aspects of your program, uniform rental programs usually cost a few dollars a week per employee.  Reach out to us today to learn more.

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