Facility Services & Supplies

Stocked and ready to go when you are.

Looking for an easier way to keep your facility maintenance supplies stocked and your business up and running? Trust Ace ImageWear to handle your facility service supplies and set off on a winning streak.

We serve both Kansas City, MO and Houston, TX markets, and have kept businesses across a wide variety of industries running smoothly for more than 80 years. Ace ImageWear has been family-owned since the beginning, and our commitment to integrity in everything we do sets us apart from our national competitors.

Take advantage of regular monitoring and replenishment of key janitorial and facility supplies, including:

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To keep employees safe and light on their feet

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For spills and cleaning to stay in tip-top shape

shop towel rental programs from Ace ImageWear


Wiping the sweat off of brows and grease off of equipment for years

Apron and towel rentals - from stock


Put your guard up and block incoming messes


Restroom Supplies

Because even champions gotta go

Leave competitors guessing how you keep your facility and employees so clean and prepared. The secret? You’ve got an Ace In Your Corner. Contact us today and learn more about all of our facility service products.