COVID-19 Response: Texas

COVID-19 Response: Texas

We have had some inquiries from our customers seeking assurance that the Corona Virus is killed through the laundering process.  We have requested a formal opinion from our washroom chemical supplier (Gurtler Industries) and have verified the following information below:

While much remains unknown about this virus’s communicability, pathogenicity and treatment regiments; there is much which is known about its susceptibility to inactivation.   We know that the normal laundry process will effectively remove and/or degrade the virus.  This is due in part to the Coronavirus family being an enveloped virus, and the relative ease by which enveloped virus are inactivated.  The CDC has indicated that no extraneous precautions or processing steps are required specific to laundering.

Post laundering, all textiles are either dried at temps in excess of 140 degrees or run through a steam tunnel where they’re raised to a temperature of around 190 degrees.  Heat will kill anything the wash process does not.

As you are aware, the Covid-19 Virus has caused all of us to take a close look at how we manage our daily affairs as this major outbreak continues to develop.  With that in mind, we think it prudent to let our customers know what we at Ace ImageWear are doing to protect our team and our customers.

Knowledge Base: We have downloaded materials from both the CDC as well as OSHA to guide us in policy modifications as well as team member training.

Personal Hygiene: We have installed hand sanitizer stations throughout our facility and on our trucks.  We have since held team meetings discussing the importance of hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and social distancing.

PPE: We have upgraded our Personal Protective Equipment for those associates handing soiled garments.

Cleaning: We have purchased and are using a bleach solution for extra daily cleaning of delivery equipment, surfaces, door handles, light switches, keyboards and equipment controls.

Deliveries: We have reviewed and modified some of our delivery protocol to improve segregation of clean and soiled uniforms during the delivery process, including 100% use of fresh poly liners with each delivery, use of disposable vinyl gloves with each delivery and use of hand sanitizer post-delivery in truck.

Travel: None of our people are required to travel and have been discouraged from doing so.

Sick Days: We have temporarily modified our sick policy to increase employee benefits for time off as needed due to Covid 19.  Any employees exhibiting any symptoms will be sent home immediately.

While none of us can fully stop community spread, we will make every effort to minimize the risk to our team and our customers.  There will be no business interruptions on our end and all deliveries will continue as scheduled. If your facility elects to shut down for any extended period during this response, please call our office or let your Ace delivery representative know.  We will work with you to accommodate this interruption in business.

If you need toweling, hand soap and/or hand sanitizer (limited but available), we can provide those for you.

Should you have questions regarding these policies, feel free to contact us directly at 713.678.7910.

Thank you for your business.