HACCP and Food Processing Uniforms

HACCP and Food Processing Uniforms

Uniforms with HACCP in Mind

HACCP compliance is top priority in the food processing industry. Especially while COVID-19 continues to affect our communities, food processing and manufacturing companies are considered essential businesses. Regardless of the after-effect COVID-19 has had on all businesses, it's crucial that the food industry remain diligent in meeting rules and requirements when it comes to uniforms. As a uniform provider that pays attention to the rigorous HACCP guidelines, we are dedicated to continuing to serve our clients the garments they need to stay safe no matter what the world throws at us.

"Acing" It with Compliance Regulations

When you choose Ace ImageWear for your food processing uniforms, you can rest assured that we will "Ace" it every single time with our compliance processes.

Laundering Compliance

When it comes to regulations in the food industry, uniforms are not separate from the environment; they're actually considered to be a "surface." Furthermore, compliance doesn't just apply to what you wear, but how those uniforms are cared for. There's a proper handling of soiled garments required, customized laundering processes and wash formulas, all designed to meet or exceed FDA and USDA standards. Ace ImageWear is proud to provide a comprehensive uniform program that offers this for businesses in the food processing industry.

Uniform Compliance

When it comes to food processing uniforms, we've got you covered. There are specific elements of uniforms that are more fitting for a food-focused environment. Don't cut corners, trust Ace instead. Our uniform options avoid cross-contamination by design, but also include other assets that are important in the world of food, like snaps versus buttons and durable fabrics. When looking for style, materials, comfort, and a proper fit, our program hits the mark.

Additional Services for the Food Processing Industry

Ace ImageWear provides more than just uniforms. We provide a variety of facility services to help aid in food safety compliance including mop rental, customized mat rental, managed restroom services, and towel programs to keep your facility safe and clean while you prepare, workaround, or process food items.

Contact Us Today for Your Food Processing Needs!

With experience at all levels of food service, we're confident that we can provide you with a comfortable, high-quality HACCP-complaint uniform program. From manufacturing and restaurants to grocery or retail, our customizable program keeps your team safe, your customers healthy, and your company's image memorable. Reach out to us today for more information.