Make Switching Providers Easy and Ace It!

Make Switching Providers Easy and Ace It!

Make Switching Providers Easy and Ace It!

You shouldn’t have to stay with a provider solely because it seems too difficult to switch to a different company. If you don’t have any more energy to deal with missing garments, lack of communication, or issues with transparency, consider switching to Ace ImageWear. We pride ourselves on doing business on a first name basis. Let’s chat!

Why us?

Along with our commitment to do business with a personal touch, we also have our Ace It Guarantee. Unlike other companies that sneak details into their contracts, we put an agreement in yours that benefits you: “If we are unable to correct any problem within 10 working days of receipt of your registered letter, we will release you immediately from any and all future obligations.” That’s how strongly we believe in our dedication to making sure your uniform program is working for you. We make it a point to have easy access to us if needed, whether it’s a wrong size or another garment mishap. We put you first to make sure you can always Ace It!

What does switching to Ace look like?

For starters, our Ace ImageWear representatives will manage your uniform program changeover to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our reps will walk you through the process, including pointing out important dates in your agreement so that everything is absolutely clear. We don’t want our clients to ever feel out of the loop or like we hid important information within the agreement - transparency is incredibly important to us. Here’s a quick breakdown of our switching process once a first date delivery is set:

  1. Agree on image program and have you sign off on all artwork.
  2. Coordinate an in person measuring time for all wearers; we want to be sure we get it right the first time!
  3. We confirm all sizes with the wearer and have them sign off on accuracy verification.
  4. We discuss and agree to weekly delivery protocol with your main contact.
  5. Your sales representative introduces our service team to your main contact and communicates your needs so we can follow through on our promise.
  6. We communicate time and date of install.
  7. Once first delivery is made, we do a follow up visit to verify accuracy.
  8. Our sales staff does another follow up visit approximately 30 days later to verify 100% full satisfaction.

What makes Ace different?

Still on the fence? What about technology? Just another way we help streamline processes, is with our top of the line garment technology. With our TrAce mobile app, you can manage your uniform program all from the palm of your hand. Some features of TrAce include: replacement, size change or service requests, plus weekly delivery updates, and so much more, truly making your process with us as simple and straightforward as can be.

First name basis. Advanced technology. A team dedicated to you. What are you waiting for? Contact us today if you’re ready to Ace It.