Uniform Rental Services

Studies show that where a company’s employees are concerned, looks really do matter. A quality uniform program provides employees with a feeling of belonging. Uniforms aren’t about looking the same, but feeling like a part of the team.

Uniform programs also help build your brand. Your employees are the most influential factor in determining a customer’s first impression of your business. And, first impressions tend to be enduring. An employee’s dirty or unkempt work attire can lead customers to perceive the business as unprofessional or uncaring, regardless of the quality of the product or service received. That’s why uniform programs are a great way to build and protect your company image, no matter which industry you’re in.

Ace Imagewear provides uniform rental programs for nearly any industry or application, including FR, safety, and HACCP compliant garments. We’ve built our company over 3 generations based on personal service, reliable uniform programs, and continuous improvements to our processes ensuring customer satisfaction.


Ace Your Uniform Rental Program

  • Accurate and Complete Delivery: Our Ace Smart Garment technology uses an RFID chip to trace garments within our facility. This ensures all of your individual employee’s garments are tracked, bundled, and verified before prepping for complete delivery.
  • Quality Uniform Products: Our uniform products are from top garment makers including Red Kap, SanMar, Dickies, Bulwark, Reed and more, and they come in a variety of fits, fabrics, and sizes to provide the best fit for your employees.
  • Personal Service: As a family-owned company, we’re committed to personal service. You can reach us via phone or email; no call center here. Your Route Service Representative is also empowered to answer questions and resolve your concerns on the spot.
  • Industry Compliance: Uniform garments and laundering processes have an impact on nearly every industry. We work with food processing and manufacturing companies, bioscience, health sciences, and chemical manufacturing, just to name a few. All face unique requirements for garment styles, handling, and washing.

Ace Champion™ Rental Service Program

Our uniform rental programs offer a one-two punch that gives businesses like yours a winning image every time.

  • Customized uniforms with no up-front cost to you; a full two-week rotating inventory of clothes
  • Fully embroidered name and company emblem on each uniform work shirt – plus there’s never a digitizing charge to set-up your logo
  • Weekly pick-up and delivery service
  • On-site measuring and sizing of new hires, with a guaranteed one-week turnaround
  • All cleaning and finishing of your garments no matter what grime, dirt, grease, oil or other grit they may encounter
  • All repairs, size changes, and replacements as needed
  • Exclusive technology systems that eliminate shortages every step of the way
  • Lifetime maintenance and upgrade service on all uniform garments

Uniform Program Options

Uniform Rental Programs are our most popular uniform service. This option gives companies a reliable service of uniform sizing, pick up, repair, washing, and delivery on a regular basis. We make it an easy process for you and all of your employees.

Ace Uniform Rental Program Service

A customized uniform program for your company, projecting your brand and image through team apparel. This program is unique to your company, the number of days you work and of course, your work environments. Our state of the art technology ensures seamless program administration, accuracy in delivery, and that repairs and replacements are all done in a timely, consistent manner.

Your hassle-free uniform rental program includes a two-week supply of customized, branded uniforms with no upfront cost, weekly pick-up of soiled uniforms and delivery of expertly cleaned and pressed ones, as well as lifetime garment repair, upgrade and size-change service.

Ace Uniform Lease Program

If our regular uniform rental service isn’t a fit for your business, our uniform lease program may be an option. This program is a good fit for those that prefer to launder and press their own garments. Perhaps your business casual or uniformed work dress shirts fit this option. Uniform lease programs include a one-week supply of customized, branded uniforms and lifetime garment repair, upgrade and size-change service.

Ace Uniform Direct Purchase

On occasion, some customers prefer to purchase their uniform garments. We do offer our all of our uniform garments and apparel for purchase as well. As with our regular uniform rental programs, we will customize garments with your emblem, to ensure all garments are branded for your business. Complimentary professional fitting included.

This is also an ideal option for current customers who like to add branded company apparel for front office staff, sales executives and other employees to have their own items.

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