Is Your Uniform Rental Programming Stressing You Out?

Is Your Uniform Rental Programming Stressing You Out?

Ace can help relieve the stress of managing a uniform program

When you are running a business, maintaining a uniform program is an important part of establishing a harmonious workplace culture. When everyone gets to wear high-quality custom branded uniforms, it brings a sense of teamwork and belonging to the workplace. However, keeping up with the ever-changing needs of your company’s uniforms and cleaning supplies can be overwhelming. That’s why Ace is here. We have everything from manufacturing and industrial work wear and polo shirts to flame resistant and high-visibility garments. The perfect uniform rental program for your team is just a click away.

The best uniform program is a quiet uniform program

Management teams are already dealing with headaches such as staffing shortages, hiring, retention of employees and supply chain issues, the last thing they need to stress about is incomplete or missing uniforms or lack of service. When you switch to Ace for your uniforms, missing and incorrect orders will be a thing of the past. With our TrAce Garment Technology your employees uniform deliveries are 99.9% complete. We help you keep business running smoothly and ensure your team will never be without the garments they need.

Every week, your order will be brought to you on time by the same representative, allowing them to get to know you, your employees, and your business. Plus, if you sign up for our facility services, your rep will handle re-stocking any janitorial supplies, shop towels or floor mats you need so you’ll never have to stress about running out of products again!

Don’t stress – you’re in control with the TrAce app

If employees complaining about missing or incorrect uniform deliveries are a big stressor in your work life, it’s time to switch to Ace ImageWear. With our TrAce garment technology, we combine personal customer service with cutting edge technology.

For Uniform Wearers: They have access to the details of their uniform rental program right from their phone! They can request repairs, get delivery notices, request that the Ace rep meets with them, even submit a size change request (for company approval) and so much more.

For Your Company: You can login to view your account, request changes to your delivery, remain up to date on inventory, submit repairs or replacements for employees, and contact your representative directly with Ace On-Line.

You have plenty of things to stress about – don’t let uniform rentals be one of them

Are you ready to get rid of the stress of maintaining your company’s uniforms? Design the perfect rental program with Ace today, so you can finally relax.