Automotive Mat Rental and Managed Restroom Services

Automotive Mat Rental and Managed Restroom Services

Mat rental, cotton towel rental, and managed restroom services cut costs and save time for those companies in the auto service industry. A comprehensive uniform rental company like Ace Imagewear does them all!

We offer customized mats of various types that are specifically designed for garage area and customer area usage.

An all weather mat protects interior surfaces no matter what type of weather elements your customers and employees might encounter before entering.

An anti slip mat provides safe footing in slippery environments outside of entrances, on ramps, and in garage areas where contaminants like oil and grease are usually present.

An anti fatigue mat has a safe and productive surface for those employees who are required to spend long periods standing. This mat allows leg muscles to naturally expand and contract, which increases blood flow and reduces fatigue.

Managed Restroom Services means “never-out-of-stock” paper and hygiene products, dispensers, toilet paper, soaps, and air fresheners that are supplied to your facility and continually replenished each week by a representative.

A cotton towel rental means the end to paying a premium for disposable paper towels because cotton towels do the work of 10 or more paper ones for approximately one-twelfth the cost!

How does the service work?

Every week, a customer service representative quickly removes the soiled mats, leaving behind sanitized and freshly laundered replacements, and replaces restroom supplies.

What are the costs?

No upfront investment is required. There is no inventory for you to worry about. A nominal rental service charge is far more cost effective than providing your own traditional building maintenance materials and services, so you can start saving immediately!

Ace ImageWear has the above auto service facility services and would be happy to discuss them if you are in the areas of Beaumont,Texas, Houston, Texas, or Kansas City, Missouri, including the surrounding communities. We are so sure that you will like what we feature that we will even give you a FREE one-week trial!