Uniform Rental & Laundry Services

Uniform Rental & Laundry Services

If you own or manage an automotive shop or industrial warehouse in Houston, Texas, Beaumont, Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, or the surrounding communities, choosing your uniform rental service is of prime importance in controlling your company’s image. Your customers want to see clean and neat uniforms on the service personnel so that they will always get the impression that your shop is a professional and efficient business that provides quality workmanship and products.

It is good to know that no matter what grime, dirt, oil, grease or other contaminants your employees come into contact with during their work hours, their uniforms will be contaminant-free since they are given a full, rotating, two-week inventory of clothes. Weekly pick-up of the soiled uniforms and deliver of expertly cleaned, pressed replacements means that you’re never out of the fresh uniforms your employees require.

Custom uniforms for all your staff, including a large selection of executive uniforms and work clothes, can include your business logo and be personalized by embroidery with the person’s name. You and your employees will be proud to wear the customized clothing chosen from imaging programs of 19 of the top automotive service brands.

Uniform repair is also a major factor in keeping your employees looking their very best. New hires receive on-site sizing and measuring. All necessary repairs, replacements, upgrades, and size changes are taken care of efficiently when any need occurs.

We at Ace ImageWear are proud that we are the third generation of the Heilman Family that began in 1932 in Ed “Ace” and Clara Heilman’s basement. We have been able to continually expand and now serve companies in Houston, Texas, Beaumont,Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, and all of the surrounding communities with our exceptional and dependable Uniform Rental Service.

Contact us today to get a free uniform quote whether you want to rent, lease, or purchase, and learn about the right products for your particular auto shop.