Local Uniform Rental Companies Vs National

Local vs. National Uniform Rental Companies

When it’s time to decide which business will handle your uniform rental and laundry needs, we know you’re going to want to weigh out all of the possibilities. Customer service, pricing, and completeness of orders commonly rank at the top of the list when choosing your next uniform supplier. There are many areas where local uniform companies outperform big, faceless companies. See the data here.

You’ll often find yourself with two options: the national supplier, or the locally-owned and operated uniform provider. We’ll be taking on the national supplier over three rounds.

Round 1: Customer Service

Wait- you’re saying that you can actually get in contact with a real person at the local uniform company? Yes, you heard it here first folks. Customer service from local businesses continues to trump almost every national company’s efforts. Speaking to a real-life person is certainly preferred to an automated prompt, but it goes further than that. Ace ImageWear sales professionals and route representatives will get to know you by name, have notes to refer back to from previous communication, and won’t leave you hanging without a reply. The national supplier can barely hear you say “speak to a representative”, let alone remember what business you work for.

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Round 2: Fair, Upfront Uniform Program Pricing

We’ve got some misconceptions to knock out in this round. At first glance, we’ll admit- it appears that the local supplier gets beaten by the national competitors. But everything is not what it seems when it comes to fees and charges from the national companies. In the uniform rental service industry, national suppliers often hide chargebacks and fees that are billed when uniform garments are returned or need size changes. But companies like ACE ImageWear are upfront with charges- we include uniform replacement as a part of your cost, for example. The general takeaway is that small, local businesses are more transparent, while national uniform suppliers tend to think fees and charges are a fun surprise.

Round 3: Completeness of Uniform Delivery

For our final round, we’ll be addressing perhaps the most serious complaint: missing garments or incomplete uniform delivery for your employees. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how amazing your representative is over the phone or how much money you’re saving; if your workers aren’t getting their uniforms due to late delivery or missing garments. Our Smart Garment Technology and processes ensure 100% complete uniform delivery for our customers.  National suppliers struggle to rescue incomplete orders, so not only will your orders be late or missing something from time to time, but it’ll take even more time to remedy the error.

Choose a Local Uniform Rental Company

Since we are our own refs for this match, we might be a little biased, but we’re confident the local uniform rental providers come out on top. In fact, we guarantee that we’ll correct any problem for our customers within 10 days. Can your uniform provider say that?

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