How to Beat the Heat with Ace ImageWear

How to Beat the Heat with Ace ImageWear

How to Beat the Heat

Don’t let the blazing sun stop your company’s productivity! Perhaps you’ve read our blog on tips and tricks to Keep Cool during the workday, but your employees can be even cooler by what they wear to work. At Ace, employee safety is a number one priority and that includes managing extreme heat temperatures.

Material Makes a Difference

The type of uniform material will make a huge difference in your employee’s workday. Some uniform materials are designed to keep warm and other materials are designed to keep you cool—make sure you have an inventory of both! Light and loose-fitting clothing can bring down high body temperatures and allow your employees to perform to their best ability.

In hot conditions, it’s important to provide light, breathable uniforms for your employees to protect them from heat exhaustion. In our Catalog, you can select light uniform pieces that are breathable and moisture wicking, available in short and long-sleeve.

Long-Sleeves and Short-Sleeves and Shorts…Oh, My!

Ace is proud to offer a wide variety of uniform pieces for various industries and climates. Businesses can choose from striped shirts, dress-shirts, cargo shorts, denim jeans, polos, tees, shirts with pockets, shirts without pockets…and so much more! The best part is— you can customize these shirts with your company logo for a professional touch. Based on your work conditions, you can choose to outfit your crew with what will protect them the best.

According to Workplace Safety North, you may want to consider investing in long-sleeved shirts for the summer. Why? It’s important to protect your workers’ skin. Preventing sun-burn is a key part to extreme heat safety. We have a great line of industrial long-sleeved shirts that are moisture-wicking and breathable to keep workers cool, even with long sleeves. 

Towels and Hats

Don’t have A/C? Work in the sun all day? A great way to keep cool in the steamy sun is to use cold, damp towels around your head and neck. The water evaporates from the towel and cools down the skin. Additionally, any breeze from fans or wind on the damp towel will create a colder cooling effect. Add towels from Ace to your delivery, so your employees can feel refreshed and ready to go! 

Don’t forget that hats are also a tried-and-true method to help with the intense heat by keeping the sun out of the eyes and direct sunlight from the head. And it’s a great way to add your logo to additional merch!

There’s more to heat exhaustion prevention than providing cold water and cool work environments…invest in heat-friendly uniforms to keep your employees cool down to the last button. Remember: a cool employee is a productive employee!

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