Aprons For Every Industry

Aprons For Every Industry

Aprons For Every Industry

It was once the necessary accessory for working in the kitchen, but these days aprons aren’t just for the home chef, they’re for anyone aiming to look professional - while staying clean. 

At Ace ImageWear, we have aprons and related products; whether you’re working back of house at a restaurant or on the line at a manufacturing facility. Plus, we make it easy within our rental program to use it and forget it!  

Rent Versus Buy: It’s An Easy Choice

As a business owner, making decisions is part of the job. But at Ace, we make the decision of renting versus buying easy by taking the work and burden off you and your staff.

With no upfront investment in products, your cash flow is available for what you really need. Why invest in nice aprons and associated products that may need to be repaired or replaced within a few months? And who;s going to do the laundering, your team members? If so, you may end up with 10 different ideas of clean and finished. With Ace, there’s only one - the right one!

The rental process is simple! Make your request, we deliver, pick-up and clean for you. Then  voilà, clean and sanitized aprons are delivered with your next order. Talk about keeping things clean! 

Protect Your Product and Employees

Aprons may be thought of as a simple way to protect clothing while working and/or cooking, but what about protecting the product at the same time?

Aprons are a great asset to preventing your product from coming into contact with dust, dirt, hair and germs floating around. Since COVID-19, the need for additional germ prevention and sanitation has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind and with Ace, we ensure hygienic standards are being met. We utilize environmentally friendly detergents, while also removing any and all hazardous materials or contaminants.

Plus, Ace ImageWear’s route representatives stock products weekly, so you’ll never have to run around in search of a replacement apron. We've got you covered. Literally. 


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