The Benefits of a Laundry Service

The Benefits of a Laundry Service

Dirty Uniforms Won’t Do.

No matter what your company does, having clean and professional uniforms is part of your brand. Uniforms can be damaged by dirt, grease, accidental spills, and an endless list of other daily messes. Properly maintaining your own uniforms can be expensive and labor intensive because of the multistep process. Let us help you take a load off and provide you with a high-quality laundry service.

+A benefits 

There are a lot of benefits of having Ace ImageWear in your corner, but below are a few:

  1. We are a family-owned business. Meaning we care about your experience and will give you and your uniforms the care they deserve. 
  2. We use TrAce ultra high radio frequency chips (UHF), so you never worry about missing garments or getting the wrong uniforms back.
  3. We back our service with our Heilman Guarantee.
  4. Systems you expect from a national company, with the peace of mind and care from a local one. 

Did you Know?

A lot of companies are looking to become more environmentally friendly, why not let us help you reach your goals? Home laundering is worse for the environment compared to uniform rental laundering. Everything from our tailored wash formulas to microprocessor-controlled detergent injection systems are highly efficient and sustainable. When you choose Ace ImageWear for your uniform launderer, you’re choosing to go green. At Ace ImageWear, we use solar panels to provide up to 15% of our electricity, reuse and recycle our wire hangers to keep them out of landfills, and remove thousands of pounds of oils, grease and solids from the water prior to discharge to keep our waterways clean. 

“Acing” your Laundry Process

Every garment we provide has a TrAce UHF chip sewn in, allowing us the ability to scan 100% of the incoming soiled products upon arrival at our facility. All of our garments are sorted by fabric type and color for a complete and effective wash cycle. During the washing process, microprocessors measure and inject precise amounts of the correct detergents specifically formulated for fabric and soil type. After some drying, uniforms are hung up and go through a steam tunnel, eliminating any remaining germs and wrinkles. Each garment is inspected for damaged pieces, any found are repaired or replaced.  After sorting and bundling, garments are scanned once more to ensure you get back 100% of what you turned in. 


Are you ready to never worry about laundry day again? When you choose Ace ImageWear as your uniform launderer, you can have the peace of mind to know that your uniforms will be washed and cared for at every step of the process. Contact us today to get started!