Benefits of a Shop Towel Rental Program

Benefits of a Shop Towel Rental Program

Cleaning up messes is universal to the human experience. Even the best of us need to grab a napkin and soak up a coffee spill every now and again. But for those of us in the automotive, engineering, and other mechanical manufacturing fields, something more than a napkin is required for cleanup.

That’s why your friends at Ace ImageWear are here. For serious spills and quick cleanups alike, a shop towel is going to be your best choice. But- do you purchase your shop towels outright, use disposable towels, or employ a shop towel rental program? Let’s discuss.

Purchase vs. Disposable vs. Rental

In order to keep your business compliant with hazardous chemical cleanup regulations while simultaneously saving on costs, your first thought is probably just to purchase towels outright and handle the cleaning yourself. But you may want to wipe that one off the chalkboard since  handling your own shop towels can be a lot more trouble than it’s worth. From only being able to use certain solvents for cleaning, to cleaning towels in a specified way, it only gets more difficult from there to remain compliant. And trust me, you don’t want to bring these towels home to wash – they can be downright nasty!

Upon this revelation, you’re probably ready to try out disposable towels. While we really don't  like to have to wring out your crying towel, disposable towels typically cost more in the long run and are harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Not to mention saving time on the job, since using one reusable towel can often do the work of often accounts for 10 disposable ones, you’ll be spending less time searching for another rag or replacement pack. So this leaves us with one brilliant option…

Shop Towel Rental Programs from Ace ImageWear

The superior choice for supplying your workshop or manufacturing plant with towels? Ace ImageWear. While we keep your employees outfitted in the best array of professional workers’ uniforms, we’re more than only uniform rental services. Coupling your garments with on-the-job supplies makes managing your business a breeze. We’ll handle pick up of the dirty towels and garments, laundering, and re-delivery of fresh, usable towels weekly. These deliveries from your route representative double as supply check ups, so you can trust that you’ll never run dry when needing to sop up something wet. Microfiber, classic cotton rags, kitchen and bar towels, and more can all be rented from Ace ImageWear.

Perks of Renting Shop Towels

Just in case we missed anything, let’s review:

  • No upfront towel investment. Disposable towels have you needing new towels almost around the clock, but with a towel rental program from Ace, you’ll get them delivered and invoiced alongside your uniform rental program.
  • Saving money, saving the environment. Without having to constantly buy more towels, you’ll find your pocket a bit heavier. Since you can only use disposable towels once before throwing them away, they don’t hold much value. Towel programs provide a sanitary and effective service allowing towels to be reused. You’re keeping money in your pocket and garbage out of landfills. And that’s a good thing.
  • Remain compliant. If your workplace uses towels to clean up oil, chemicals, or other liquids, you’re probably required to dispose of the towels in a specific, safe way. When you rent from Ace ImageWear, leave worrying about compliant disposal and washing to us, and focus on how clean your facility is.

Are You Ready to Ace It?

If your business is ready to make the switch to Ace, then we’re ready too. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, and learn how you can Ace It today.