Employee Benefits from Uniform Programs

Employee Benefits from Uniform Programs

This may not come as a surprise to you, but the happier your employees are, the more productive and effective they are. There are plenty of ways to make the workplace a better environment for fostering enjoyment and teamwork, like bonus programs and donuts in the break room, but what role does a uniform play in employee happiness?

Uniforms Increase Productivity

The results are in: uniformed workers are likely to have more productive work days than their common-clothed counterparts. Wearing clothes tailored to function in the environment they’re a part of helps employees “get in the zone” so to speak. So, wearing clothes with company-branded logos that have the employees’ names on them helps get them in the mood to do good work. Not to mention that a successful day of hard work helps one feel fulfilled.

Uniforms Increase Safety

Safe employees are happy employees. Can’t argue with that! Uniforms for workers in industries like welding, mechanical engineering, and more need FR (Flame Retardant) and Arc Resistant clothing to protect them, while a construction worker on the roads at night should be wearing a High Visibility uniform. No matter what industry you’re a part of, a uniform that promotes both a professional image while keeping you as safe as possible should bring a sense of peace and happiness to workers of all kinds.

Uniforms Increase Employee Pride

Throwing on just any regular clothes for work every day must feel kind of lame. But putting on a branded uniform with your name and place of work gives employees a sense of pride. The clothes we wear can often feel like an extension of ourselves, so they better match the situation you’ll be in and the work being done.

Uniforms = Benefits for Both Staff and Management

A Uniform program from Ace ImageWear helps alleviate problems for management team members and workers alike.

For Management:

  • More Time for the Things That Matter. We know there are probably bigger fish to fry than trying to figure out where those missing pants went. Payroll, budgeting, maintenance or even shipments of your own product should be occupying your time. Leave the uniform program to us.
  • No Hidden Costs. Whoever coordinates the uniforms in your business will be glad to hear that all of our costs are included in your package. No hidden fees here.
  • Safe Workers. Management can rest easier knowing that uniforms have been properly laundered when dirty and replaced when rendered ineffective. FR garments, high-vis workwear, and other specialty garments need to be properly maintained in order to remain fully functional. Leave it to us!

For Workers:

  • Save Time, Save Money. When employees are no longer responsible for ensuring their workwear is up to snuff, you’ll find they have more time to worry about more important things. And, not having to shell out extra cash for uniform replacement will bring a little extra joy. Nice.
  • Erase Coworker Bias. The chemistry of your team is vital for success. Sometimes employees can make judgments of others based on appearances, so when everyone is dressed the same to do the same job, it’s hard to place bias. Plus it makes it easier for employees to bond!
  • Stylish Uniforms from Ace. When they look good, they feel good. No more needed here! Whether in the office, on the shop floor or out in the field, we have the right style of shirts, pants and other garments for your entire team.

For Both:

  • Reduce Decision Fatigue. Research shows that wearing the same thing for work every day really does make you happier. Turns out, one less decision in your everyday life, i.e. what you are going to wear, lessens the amount of stress weighing you down and ultimately makes you happier.
  • Bringing The Team Together. It’ll be easier to foster a sense of camaraderie across departments when everyone is wearing a uniform that feels like it’s a part of the same team. While management staff will most likely be outfitted in business casual wear while workers may be in more functional or safety-focused apparel, there will be similar elements in the garments that show no matter what department you work in, it’s all about teamwork.

Uniform Rental Programs Make it a Breeze

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel ignored, and that doesn’t make anyone happy. Does your national company leave you hanging with unanswered questions, lack of communication, or worse- incomplete deliveries? Uniform rental services from Ace ImageWear will put the smiles back on your team members' faces. Ace’s Trace Garment technology helps ensure all uniform rental shipments are complete 100% before they even leave our facility. Plus, if you were purchasing uniforms before instead of renting, your employees will certainly enjoy a lighter load of laundry at home.

If you’re considering making the switch to a uniform provider that meets your needs, look no further. Ace operates on a first-name basis, and we can’t wait to get to know your team better. Ready to Ace It? Contact us today.