Don’t Throw in The Towel: Towel Rental Programs from Ace

Don’t Throw in The Towel: Towel Rental Programs from Ace

Don't Throw in The Towel: Towel Rental Programs from Ace

You may know us for uniforms, but did you know that we offer several other different programs to help your business run smoothly? In many industries we service, our clients go through dozens of towels each week. Whether you’re currently purchasing and throwing away disposable towels or purchasing and cleaning your own, know that you’ve got options! Ace ImageWear offers towel rental programs to take one more thing off your plate.

What are the benefits of a towel rental program?

From restaurants and kitchens to automotive shops, towels are an important piece for many businesses. Whether you’re looking for shop towels, microfiber towels, or kitchen towels, we have plenty of options perfect for your industry and can provide them in addition to your uniform program. We’ll handle the collection of used towels, wash them to the appropriate standards, and deliver you a fresh, clean batch when you need them. With a rental program, you never have to worry about having clean towels on hand. Save time and trust Ace to keep your towels stocked and ready to go.

Towel rental is environmentally friendly and cost effective

A towel rental program is much more economical and better for the environment than using disposable towels, or even purchasing your own. In the long run, participating in a towel rental program saves your business money and time that could be better spent elsewhere. If your company promotes environmentally friendly practices, a towel rental program is an easy choice. And with a washing and sanitizing process that cleans and recycles water, you can trust that our team at Ace is invested in doing our very best to provide you with products that help you and your greater community.

Trust Ace for more than just uniforms

Whatever messes come your way, make sure you’ve got proper towels on hand to take care of it. Ace It with a towel rental program from Ace ImageWear, and learn more about our towel offerings today. Reach out to your representative or contact us for more information.