High Visibility Workwear

High Visibility Workwear

The days are darker and winter is here without a doubt. All the more reason to ensure your employees’ safety. Time to push fashion to the wayside and instead focus on function and protection. It’s important to make sure that your workers are outfitted in the best and most compliant uniforms to keep them safe and visible in their working environments. With decades in the uniform industry, we know exactly what your business needs.

What Does High Vis Mean in Uniforms?

Short for high visibility, high vis uniforms are garments and pieces of clothing that make you easy to see, often in brightly colored fabrics such as yellow-green or orange. Additionally, high vis uniforms can be outfitted with reflective edges and stripes to catch the light regardless of how dark it may be. High vis workwear is important for employees who may work on the street in the late evening or early morning hours, alerting them to drivers on the road. The most important thing about high visibility uniforms is that they are required to meet specific ANSI standards, based on the hazards a worker may encounter.

There’s enhanced visibility, too

These uniform garments are ideal for employees who work in lower-risk areas, like dim manufacturing facilities, shipping docks, maintenance workers and more. Enhanced visibility uniforms are outfitted with reflective striping, but they are not required to meet any standards.

Worker Safety Is of The Utmost Importance

When it comes to taking care of your employees and their safety, they may need different levels of uniform fabrics. At Ace, in addition to high vis, we also supply flame-resistant uniforms and apparel to keep workers who are consistently near flammable chemicals, strong electric currents, or similar environments protected.

What’s more, our uniform program leaves laundry duties to us. Keep your workers safe and comfortable in whatever situation they face—with an Ace up your sleeve, you’ll be ready for anything! Request a quote today.