Why You Should Outfit Your Business in Branded Uniform Outerwear

Why You Should Outfit Your Business in Branded Uniform Outerwear

Brrr. Do you feel that chill? It’s already December, and no matter where you’re located, it’s definitely getting colder. And you know what that means… Employees are starting to cover up their uniforms with sweatshirts, jackets and other warm wearables in order to keep the cold weather at bay. But hang on a second, now we can’t see their sleek, branded uniform!

Outfitting your team in branded outerwear has never been easier than with Ace ImageWear. Keep on reading to learn why purchasing branded outerwear is a benefit to your employees and business alike!

Warm Employees are Happy Employees

Happy employees are far more productive than their dissatisfied counterparts; simply gifting a branded jacket or sweatshirt can help them feel valued and rewarded. Receiving clothes for a holiday gift may not work out for sizing issues and color preferences, but when you work with Ace ImageWear, we’ll make sure to reference the sizes we have on file and provide the most stylish and professional outerwear for all of your employees.

Don’t Cover Up Your Logo- Unless it’s With Another Logo

Employees wear coats and jackets that cover up their uniforms. It’s cold outside, and they need to bundle up to stay warm, unfortunately this limits the brand exposure gained when wearing a business specific uniform. Eliminate this drawback and keep the brand exposure going by supplying employees who commonly endure cold weather conditions with a branded coat. This way, when employees want to warm up, they can keep your logo front and center with any potential interactions they have.

Outerwear Keeps Employees Safe

For employees who work almost exclusively outside, winter weather gear isn’t an option. It’s a necessity to keep them healthy and safe.  Since it’s a must, why not capitalize on the opportunity? Rest assured that Ace ImageWear has a range of outerwear options that are offered with enhanced visibility and high visibility protections keeping employees warm and safe when they need it most.

Are You Ready to Ace It?

If you realize that it’s about time you reward your employees with branded uniform jackets, coats, coveralls, or other uniform solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We won’t give you the cold shoulder!