High vs. Enhanced Visibility: What’s the Difference?

High vs. Enhanced Visibility: What’s the Difference?

Do you often hear the terms “high visibility” and “enhanced visibility” used interchangeably? You may not know this, but there is a difference between the two. At Ace ImageWear, we offer both high and enhanced visibility uniforms and garments—and we know which is which. 

Importance of High and Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

If your team works in areas of high traffic, low light, low visibility, in dark or dangerous conditions, or any combination of these, they need high or enhanced visibility uniforms. 

Besides being required in some industries, there are many benefits to outfitting your employees in high and enhanced visibility uniforms, including:

  1. Keeps your employees seen - by both each other and people around them
  2. Minimizes accidents - by always sporting visible, reflective gear, accidents are less likely to occur, no matter the light level
  3. Easily recognizable - outfitting your team in reflective workwear will signal to drivers and others around them to travel with caution
  4. Improved safety during poor weather - high and enhanced visibility garments help keep your team easily spotted in dark or bad weather conditions, like the upcoming winter months.

There are many reasons and situations where sporting high or enhanced visibility garments are not only beneficial, but necessary for your team. 

At Ace, our reflective garments include long and short-sleeve shirts, vests, jackets, and jumpsuits. No matter your needs, we can help.

The Difference Between High and Enhanced Visibility

Your employees’ safety is one of our top priorities, and that’s reflected in the quality of our garments and the personalization of our service

When it comes to high visibility uniforms, there are certain industry standards a garment is required to meet before it’s considered high visibility. Check out the key differences below:

High Visibility

  • Required to meet ANSI/ISEA standards, as classified by OSHA
  • Fabric material must be fluorescent such as yellow, orange, or green
  • Garments must include a certain number of reflective strips (based on the class)
  • Reflective strips must be arranged in a certain way to cover the body effectively (based on the class)

Enhanced Visibility

  • Doesn’t have to meet required safety standards
  • Material color can have greater variety, often made with dark blue or gray
  • Reflective tape can be applied in any way, often added to the sleeves and across the center of the clothes
  • Garments aren’t limited to a certain style
  • Enhanced visibility clothing is intended for use in activities or work zones where ANSI
  • compliance is not mandatory, but greater visibility is needed, such as security guards, grounds keepers, event management, vendors etc.
  • Enhanced vis garments tend to cost less

Want to Stop Worrying About High-Visibility Standards?

Whether you know what your high and enhanced visibility uniform needs are or not, let Ace take it from here. Not only do we offer a great variety of garments, our service includes laundry and garment maintenance. With Ace, your days of managing your team’s high or enhanced visibility garments are truly over. 

Ready to make the switch? Contact us today to get started!