Make the Most of Your Products with Ace

Make the Most of Your Products with Ace

There aren’t many things better than practicality within a small business and with Ace ImageWear, our versatile offerings make that easy.

Our family-owned business understands making the most out of every product and service. That’s what has set our company apart from the others for 90 years. Proudly serving Kansas City, Missouri, Houston, and Beaumont, Texas we work hard to deliver full-service products and services.

No matter the business, our products can be used in a variety of ways, in a variety of different industries. 


The Multiple Industries Ace Serves

Just think of our service as a “jack of all trades.” At Ace, we work hard to understand specific details of each business we serve and what needs are the most important to each. Whether it’s automotive, bioscience, food processing, high-visibility, flame-resistant, or manufacturing, we know the industry standards and what is a “must have” for those employees. Using the top garment makers including Red Kap, SanMar, Dickies, Bulwark, Reed, and more, uniforms can be used throughout multiple industries, but work effectively in each situation. 


Multi Use Products for Multiple Businesses

We’re fully stocked – to keep your business running. Everything from cleaning supplies to uniform rentals to mats and aprons can all be accessed easily through the downloadable catalog on our website. 

At Ace, our towel rental service alone spans numerous different businesses and industries. Many people think of hotels when thinking of a business with a large volume of towels, but we work with gyms, restaurants, grocers, machine shops, auto repair shops, cleaning businesses, and more. 

Aprons are another great example of a great product used in multiple industries and for multiple purposes. Aprons offer protection for your team from a myriad of potential contaminants across industries, from bacteria in food service to harsh chemicals, oils, and greases in manufacturing.  Aprons can also protect your product from coming into contact with your workers and their textiles. One more freebie: aprons can be a form of uniform – customers readily identify team members in aprons as a source of help and knowledge. 

We also offer a variety of floor mats, restroom necessities, and cleaning supplies. Not only will our floor mats keep your facility looking and feeling clean and put together, but we also provide mats that reduce fatigue for employees that have to stand for long periods of time, anti-slip mats to reduce accidents, and more. As for our cleaning supplies – there is no limit to when and where you may need to take advantage of our paper products, air fresheners, and hand sanitizer. Plus – we help manage inventory so you’ll always have just the right amount of whatever you need, whenever you need it.


Why bounce from business to business when you can consolidate your needs into one supplier? As a family-owned, small business ourselves, we work hard to make Ace a one-stop shop for your complete business needs. Contact us today to get started!