Nearly One Century of Service – With No Plans to Stop

Nearly One Century of Service – With No Plans to Stop

Choose Local, Choose Ace

When Ed "Ace" Heilman started Ace Linen Service back in 1932, it was the other small business owners in the area – Ed’s neighbors and community members – that were his first customers. 

Now, 90 years later, we are staying true to our founder’s vision of “always doing business on a first name basis” by remaining family-owned and operated. By staying true to our vision, we continue to serve our local Kansas City, Houston, and Beaumont communities. 

Especially since the start of the pandemic, owners are struggling to hire new employees and are experiencing supply chain issues. Because of this, many uniform rental companies have become burned out and decided to sell their small businesses to national chains such as Cintas and Unifirst. 

But not to worry – at Ace, we are in it for the long haul.

One of the Last Local Uniform Rental Providers

Ace ImageWear was founded as Ace Linen Service in the early years of the Great Depression, so you know that we can put up a fight. Multiple local uniform providers have been bought out over the last several years, including the recent acquisition of Gorman's Uniform by Cintas. This latest merger leaves Ace ImageWear as one of the last independent uniform rental providers in the Greater Houston area. 

For 90 years, we've brought the personal touch and high-quality service of a family-owned business to our customers, and have no plans to stop. While there are pros and cons to mergers and buyouts, a typical result of a national acquisition can be the loss of personalized service and potential interruption of timely deliveries or missing garments.

Bigger is Not Always Better

National companies may claim they have capacity to handle your business’s uniform rental needs, but do they follow through on that claim? Do they take the time to foster and maintain relationships? Do they offer family values that influence a great workplace culture and ensure low turnover high employee satisfaction? 

It’s proven that smaller, family-owned businesses provide higher quality customer service and a personal touch that national companies just can’t recreate. The ability to talk to someone on the other end of the phone, get your questions answered, and receive customized solutions to business problems are all things you get when you choose Ace.

A Difference You Can See and Feel

At Ace, we know that missing, late or incorrect shipments can bring your business to a grinding halt, and even put your employees in danger. We care about you and your employees and appreciate the role that reliable, high quality uniform rental services play in the success of your company. You can rely on Ace to get the job done right, on time, and completely. 

We promise to continue to get to know you and build a strong relationship that evolves and grows as time goes on. And, if you aren’t satisfied with your service, we won't ignore your concerns. We will work with you to make sure you are getting the best possible resolution to any problems that arise. 

Unhappy with Your New Uniform Provider? You Have Options

If your local uniform provider has been bought out by a national chain and the quality of service has gone down, give us a call. You will see how working with a local uniform provider that is dedicated to customer service makes a difference in how your team looks and feels, as well as makes your life easier. 

Learn more about our garment tracking technology, the difference between local and national companies, and how to make the switch to Ace today!