New Year, Same Ace

New Year, Same Ace

The future is full of change. Where we come from stays the same.

After the unprecedented events over the last two years, it feels like almost everything “normal” about our lives has changed. When feelings of uncertainty about the future become overwhelming, it’s helpful to look back at where you came from. 

At Ace ImageWear, we are a third generation family-owned and operated business. The vision that our founder, grandfather and namesake, Ed “Ace” Heilman had when he started Ace Linen Service in 1932 has stayed the same and keeps us going today.

"Always do business on a first-name basis"

When his employer began to lay off their employees during the Great Depression, Ed and his wife Clara started Ace Linen Service. Clara sewed, washed, and hand-ironed towels and Ed would sell them door to door. Their first customer was the neighborhood corner grocer. 

Ed’s motto was “always do business on a first-name basis,” and his hands-on mentality, hard work, and dedication gave his business great success even through the Depression Era. As the business grew, Ace Linen expanded its services to include uniforms, mats, and cleaning supplies. Following several years of expansion, the Texas and Missouri uniform rental locations were reunited under the name Ace ImageWear. 

After more than 75 years of service, we still provide the same level of high-quality service and hands-on practices that our Ed did when he first began the business.

We wouldn't be here without you

Ace ImageWear would not have been successful without the support of the other small businesses that took a chance on us when we first started. We strive to carry on the practice of providing products and services to our fellow local businesses today. 

By keeping it local, we can give back to our Kansas City, Houston, and Beaumont communities, providing jobs and investing in the cities and their futures.

Choose Local, Choose Ace

No matter what the future holds, you can rely on Ace ImageWear to carry on Ed’s practice of “always do business on a first-name basis.” 

If you’re ready to see how working with a locally owned and operated uniform rental company can improve your business, contact us today!