When it Comes to Safety, the Right Uniform Makes a Difference

When it Comes to Safety, the Right Uniform Makes a Difference

Uniforms Are The First Line Of Defense When It Comes To Your Team’s Protection

With decades in the uniform industry, the Ace ImageWear knows that employee safety takes precedence in many situations and is an integral part of your uniform program. Whether your employees work on dangerous shop floors with poor lighting and electrical arc hazards, or they work in a quiet office or on a delivery truck, safety is always the top priority. When choosing the proper uniforms for your team, Ace ImageWear will help you navigate the complicated world of uniform safety compliance while also considering your team’s comfort and style.

Always Be Healthy And Safety Compliant

There are many industries we serve where employees also ensure the public’s well-being by adhering to strict safety guidelines, which includes proper uniform garments in bioscience, food processing and manufacturing industries. Ace ImageWear offers a large selection of color and style combinations of work shirts, pants, lab coats, and other proper work attire designed to keep your employees compliant and safe. No matter your industry, we can create a uniform rental program designed specifically for your employee’s exact needs.

How Ace Takes Care of Our Kansas City Workforce

Kansas City is a powerhouse when it comes to the bioscience, food processing and packaging industries. In fact, food manufacturing makes up 1/5 of the state’s entire manufacturing industry. With clients at all levels of food service, ranging from pet food manufacturing and food processing plants to laboratories and hospitals, Ace knows all the ins and outs of HACCP Compliance in employee uniforms. We take into consideration the danger that biological and chemical materials pose, as well as the potential for cross-contamination. Our high-quality garments are designed with fabrics that avoid cross contamination and our laundering programs take into consideration potential biohazards and will properly clean and dispose of any dangerous chemicals or materials your employees may come into contact with.

How Ace Takes Care of Our Southeast Texas Workforce

When it comes to the industrial, manufacturing, and petrochemical sector, Texas is a leader in the industry in both production and consumption. Oil and gas refineries and petrochemical plants account for half of the energy consumed in the entire state. Since southeast Texas is home to a large industrial workforce, Ace is here to provide your employees with the appropriate uniforms to ensure their safety. Our manufacturing garments range from professional or industrial uniform shirts and pants to enhanced vis and flame resistant garments or heavy-duty coveralls. We work tirelessly to ensure all our uniforms meet all safety standards. Additionally, as a part of our laundry service, we will repair or replace any damaged or worn-out garments, so you never have to worry about one of your employees getting injured due to a wardrobe malfunction. When you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality uniform rental program for your manufacturing, petrochemical, or oil and gas workers, choose Ace, your local uniform provider.

Uniforms to Protect Your Employees In Any Environment

Do your employees face risky situations every day? Whether it be environmental hazards, dangerous chemicals, flash fire risks, or operating heavy machinery, the uniforms your employees are wearing will be the first barrier between them and a potentially serious injury. Ace ImageWear allows you to choose from durable, name brand heavy-duty apparel for employees in every department, including long or short sleeve industrial work shirts, industrial work pants or denim, heavy duty coveralls and shop coats, and flame-resistant apparel. In environments where garments face rough conditions, you can trust that we’ll launder, repair, and replace them consistently.

Never Be Missed With Enhanced and High Vis Garments

If your teams work in dangerous and dark areas such as busy roads or highways, or even in dimly lit areas such as manufacturing facilities or shipping docks, high or enhanced visibility uniforms are a necessity. These safety garments are made in brightly colored fabrics and outfitted with reflective edges and stripes, which catch and reflect light, making your workers easier to spot. Our high visibility uniforms are held to very specific ANSI standard; technical guidelines and requirements to make certain that garments and safety vests and shirts are as safe as possible. While our enhanced visibility uniforms are not required to be held to the same strict standards, they still provide the safety and visibility necessary to ensure your team’s safety.

Make Sure Your Customers Know Who You Are

When your company has a strong brand, employees in branded uniforms can leave an impression on anyone they interact with, helping to create and maintain relationships. Not to mention outfitting your entire team with matching high-quality uniforms will give them a morale boost. Not many consider the safety that comes from wearing a uniform, especially for workers that work away from their facility or workplace. Maintenance workers, HVAC technicians, electricians and delivery drivers benefit even more from a proper uniform, as it announces to anyone around them who they are and what they are doing. Avoid any unfriendly interruptions or alarming any clients who may not be expecting your employees with custom branded dress or polo shirts, jeans, and even jackets and outerwear.

Safe Facilities, Safe Employees

Making sure your employees are provided with the proper uniform plays a key role in their safety. The next step is to keep your facilities safe – and we can take care of that too. With Ace’s facility supplies and services program, you will never run out of cleaners, soaps, sanitizers, or anything else you may need. Customers can also count on us for other rental and replenishment programs such as shop and microfiber towels, wet and dust mops, and floor mats all of which will help you stay on top of workplace safety and avoid accidents. When it comes to proper disposal of dangerous or hazardous materials, Ace will make sure our trusted representatives pick up all soiled products and wash or dispose of them properly, dropping off fresh ones every week.

Don’t take chances when it comes to the safety of your employees. Outfit your team with uniforms from Ace ImageWear today!

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