How Uniform Rental Programs Promote Care and Cleanliness

How Uniform Rental Programs Promote Care and Cleanliness

How Uniform Rental Programs Promote Care and Cleanliness

As most of you head back to work, you’ll probably encounter new precautions and steps that your organization is taking to keep everyone safe and healthy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Cleanliness, safety, and worker satisfaction are always top of mind , and you may be searching for ways to ensure that all of those needs are met. Social distancing reminders, employer-provided masks, and sanitizing stations are common precautions already set in place by many businesses, but we also encourage you to consider a uniform rental program, promoting care and cleanliness, and adding another layer to your existing safety regulations.

Benefits in the time of coronavirus

Uniforms may seem like small potatoes to you, but they’re everything to us. Our rental programs are built to help you and your business out by eliminating stress. With timely and complete deliveries, you never have to worry, and letting us do the laundry certainly makes life easier for you and your employees! Our program ensures that each of your employees has a fresh, clean, and sanitized uniform every day of the week. By participating in a uniform program, you can eliminate contamination or spread of germs, as employees receive and change their uniforms in your facility.

Our process

When you choose Ace to handle your uniform rental program, you can trust that you’re in good hands. All of our rental garments go through an industrial laundering process with specific wash formulas, weighed loads, and microprocessor-controlled detergent injection systems. Sanitization of uniforms is top priority, and by leaving the laundering to us, you can rest assured that each garment that comes into your facility is safe to wear and especially clean. Even our drying process and steam tunnel guarantee cleanliness. We’ll pick up your soiled or dirty uniforms from your building, transport them to our facility where they are handled with care and washed and repaired if necessary, and then drop them back off to you, leaving them ready to be worn by your employees—clean and sanitized.

Why Ace?

At Ace ImageWear, we have decades of experience providing clients with reliable uniform rental programs. As a locally-owned uniform rental company, we take great pride in providing exceptional customer service and in supporting our local communities. Plus, with a commitment to using technology to foster strong communications between us and our customers, you can trust us to be available when you need us. With our Smart Garment Certification process, we ensure 100% complete uniform deliveries so you never have to worry about missing garments, and our TrAce Garment Technology provides immediate access to your uniform program information.

If you’re ready to implement a uniform rental program that guarantees cleanliness, reach out to us today.