Lease, Rent, or Buy?

Lease, Rent, or Buy?

Lease, Rent, or Buy?

There are many factors that go into the deciding whether to lease, rent, or buy uniforms for your organization. What’s your budget? Will the uniforms need special laundry services? What happens if there’s a minor repair needed? We’ve put together a guide to help you understand leasing, renting, and buying uniforms so you can make an informed decision.

Purchasing Uniforms

Purchasing uniforms can be exciting. They’re completely yours to add your logo and employee names and can be a good option for companies with high employee retention rates. Purchasing uniforms requires an upfront financial commitment to outfit both your current and future employees. Higher quality uniforms that won’t need to be replaced as often usually come with a higher price tag and the laundering responsibility falls on leaders or individuals within your organization. You’ve also got to keep track of repairing, fitting and purchasing new sizes for employees as needed. These are important issues to think about as safety of the employees could be compromised if certain compliances aren’t met.

Leasing Uniforms

Leasing uniforms requires minimal upfront costs. Employees are likely to be fitted and provided with a uniform sized just for them. The uniforms will also be serviced or replaced with new ones when they need to be repaired or become worn out. Like purchasing a uniform, when you lease, your company takes on the responsibility of laundering the uniforms themselves and following all safety measures. Again, something to consider when it comes to industries that require specific compliances.

Renting Uniforms

Renting uniforms is a good fit for companies looking for the whole package. Like leasing uniforms, a rental uniform program provides customers with a fitted uniform for each employee as well as repair and replacement services for uniforms that need mending. What makes rental uniform programs stand out is the laundry services provided. At Ace ImageWear this means service representatives will be in your facility every week to pick up used or dirty uniforms and deliver clean ones. With years of experience in laundering, we’re equipped to meet the needs of every compliance and safety measure. Whether it’s HACCP food safety, pharmaceutical regulations, or flame-resistant requirements, we’ve got you covered. Ace is committed to providing quality services and building relationships with our clients. Our service representatives are by your side from day one, learning and developing a relationship with you and your company to anticipate your needs.

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