Mat Rental Program

Mat Rental Program

A Mat Rental Program for manufacturing facilities has benefits to the facility, the employees, and the customers. Mat rental solutions not only create organizational efficiency by removing this worry from your operation, but the expertise provided by an industrial mat rental provider can ensure that dirt, oil, grease, and other contaminants stay where they belong– outside of your facility.

Research data from Mountville Mills, Inc. states that floors are the first thing customers look for when they judge cleanliness. One square yard of carpet accumulates up to a pound of dirt in a single week and 80 percent of a building’s dirt and grime is tracked in from the outside. A mat rental program can solve this problem for your facility without you having to lift a finger.

Traditional building maintenance labor can be very expensive, so it is a money saver to know that every week, for a nominal rental service charge a mat rental customer service representative will quickly remove the soiled mats, leaving replacements that are freshly laundered and sanitized to continually enhance the appearance of the floors. Availability is in any color and size you can imagine.

A managed mat rental program removes the cost and headache of coordinating inventory for something as simple as entry mats. A high quality mat constructed of nylon high twist yarns that will efficiently remove approximately 80 percent of contaminants from busy commercial, industrial, institutional, manufacturing factory, and other environments.

These are just some of the types of mats are available to meet your needs:

  • By contracting customized logo mat rental, the logo mats with your company’s brand will project your corporate image while protecting the interior surfaces and catching incoming dirt
  • Anti-fatigue mats provide a safe and productive surface for those occupations that require long periods of standing as they permit leg muscles to naturally expand and contract, which increases the blood flow and reduces fatigue.
  • Non-slip mats provide safe footing in slippery environments such as the ramps, entrances, and other areas where contaminants such as oil and grease are present.
  • Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) carpet-topped mats contain carbon filaments that are woven throughout, which helps to dissipate static buildup.

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