Uniform Repair and Laundry Services

Uniform Repair and Laundry Services

One of the many problems to be solved in a manufacturing business is to decide what employees will wear during their time in your facility. Having uniforms that are of one cohesive design, durable, and clean can make all the difference in the world when presenting your company to prospective customers and when trying to build team spirit in the building. Considering contracting professional uniform experts can not only take this off of your plate, but can also make sure that it gets done right.

A top-notch uniform company provides not only uniform rental but also laundry and uniform repair. Whether you needs simple tees and jeans, task-specific apparel or want that customized look and feel to reflect your company’s brand, uniform companies can handle it. If your employees are involved in the delivery process and interact with customers and clients this is a great advertising venue as well.

Many factory employees encounter a great deal of grease and dirt in their everyday work. Using industrial laundry services, as well as routine uniform repair, can make sure that uniforms stay looking clean and fresh at all times. When employees aren’t required to do laundry and repair themselves at home it not only frees up time for them but extends the longevity of the garments.

Another advantage to uniform rental is easy access to industry leading safety apparel. If your business is one that requires protective gear or industry mandated types of safety apparel, for example fire resistant or reflective materials, consulting with an expert team makes sure your employees are protected with only the best.

Manufacturing, food service, automotive, industry, bio-science, and health services are just a few of the industries in which presenting a unified appearance through high-quality uniforms creates a good first impression and boosts morale.

At Ace ImageWear, we offer weekly pick-up and delivery, on-site measuring and sizing, and customized uniforms that will have your team presenting a positive and professional image. Give us a call today at 1-800-366-0564 (Kansas, Missouri) or 1-800-877-3336 (Texas/Louisiana) and learn about our reasonable prices and the quality service we provide to our clients.