Ace ImageWear Highlight: Technology

Just because we’re a family owned business doesn’t mean we’re not tech-savvy-quite the opposite in fact. Technology is an important part of our business, and we are always striving to maintain technological excellence in order to provide customers with quality service. In 1991, our company was the second company in the region to embrace barcode technology for use in rental uniforms. Since then, we’ve only made improvements to our system. It’s impacted nearly every aspect of our operation, giving us the most accountable garment tracking system in the Midwest. From the minute a garment enters the plant for cleaning, its barcode ensures that it return to the right wearer in an efficient manner. To complement the barcode system, we also utilize fully automated sorting systems, RF chip technology, handhelds for our Customer Service Representatives and web-interfaces for customer accounting systems. The handheld devices our customer service representatives use help maintain organization and efficiency when updating route information for customer accounts. Our technology also allows us to ensure that our responsiveness to our clients is the best that it can possibly be. Because we’re spending less time dealing with technology at the production level, we are able to devote more time to our customers, and ensuring that they are getting the best service in the industry. We’re proud of our systems and will continue to look for ways to use technology to improve the level of service we provide our customers.