Ace ImageWear Highlight: Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives are the backbone of any service-driven organization. They are the face of the company they represent. They are the link or liaison between their company and its clients. As the main and, in many cases, only point of contact customers have with a company, it is the CSRs’ job to provide information, satisfy requests and ensure that customer satisfaction.

Success requires that CSRs be armed with numerous skills and positive characteristics. They must have patience, as customers do not always know what they want. CSRs must be good listeners and capable of reading between the lines, hearing what the customer truly needs. CSRs must be knowledgeable about the products and services they offer, so they can determine which will best meet their customers’ needs. Successfully conveying that information to customers requires that CSRs have strong communication skills. CSRs must convey confidence and accountability, reassuring customers that their satisfaction is within the CSRs ability and control. CSRs must be friendly and adaptable, tackling obstacles and taking surprises in stride. One of the most important characteristics CSRs must have is tenacity, refusing to settle for the “status quo” and stepping up when needed to ensure their customers are happy. It is important, especially for CSRs themselves, to remember how difficult and how important their role in their organization is. Those who excel as CSRs should be very, very proud of their accomplishments.