Safety Report

After researching numerous fleet GPS services, Ace Texas enrolled in a Fleetmatics GPS tracking system for our entire Texas fleet. There were two reasons why we sought to add such a program: First and foremost – Safety. Second, we wanted to ensure route efficiencies reduce logistical expenses.

Fleetmatics offers so many reports it can be a bit overwhelming. We are still trying to digest everything this system has to offer. The first reports we are trying to utilize on a weekly basis, or sometimes, instantaneous reporting depending how our managers have this set up to notify them are safety reports and vehicle idle times. We currently review harsh driving habit reports, speeding reports, and idle time reports weekly and can receive instant alerts of serious safety breaches.

We are happy to say that our utilization of these reports has in just a few short weeks already helped to reduce the amount speeding violations to almost zero. We have also made reduced our fleet’s total idle time from a weekly average of 165 hours to 45 hours, reducing fuel costs and mitigating our impact on the environment. In a recent department training meeting we discussed our adoption of the Fleetmatics system with CSRs, and it was well received by all. The consensus from the group was the fact that CSRs knew we had access to such information had led them to be more conscious of their own safety. It’s for this reason that even if we find the system can’t make up for its steep price by driving cost-cutting efficiencies, we believe it’s worth the investment. Anything we can do to keep our employees safe!