Don’t Leave Uniforms to Luck!

Don’t Leave Uniforms to Luck!

Don't Leave Uniforms to Luck! 

So you’ve got a great organization, an amazing team, and a strong brand. But do you have the uniforms to pull that all together in a cohesive way? Don’t leave uniforms to luck! Trust Ace ImageWear to provide you with a uniform rental program that meets all of your needs and gives you one less thing to worry about in your day-to-day operations.

What are the benefits of working with Ace?

High morale

Alleviating stress and handling your entire uniform rental program is certainly a plus! We’ll work with you to make sure you get exactly what your team requires. From customized logo options to the frequency in which you receive your deliveries, we do it all with your business’s specific needs in mind.

It’s also proven that employees are happier and more productive when uniforms are involved! The garments promote collaboration and allow your workers to feel like part of the team. You know what they say—look good, feel good.

Peace of mind

You get to leave the laundry to us. It’s no fun for anyone in your organization to have to worry about whether their work uniforms are cleaned and ready when they need them. With heavy duty washers and dryers with specifically chosen solvents and detergents for garments, you can count on a perfectly clean shirt or pair of pants each week; no at-home mess required.

We’re a green company, and not just this month. We focus on several different initiatives in the world of environmental friendliness and sustainability, like recycling water, using a heat reclamation system, decreasing our electrical consumption, and more. You can feel good about working with our team and our impact on the local community.

Support and transparency

Speaking of local, investing in a partnership with Ace allows you to support the community you live and work in. Local uniform companies are proven to exceed expectations when compared to national competitors, and we believe that’s because of the family-oriented customer service. With local companies, you create jobs and support your friends and neighbors.

High-level technology with TrAce gives you peace of mind. With our mobile app, you can access your uniform program information, submit repair and replacement requests, and view what’s in your next delivery, all from the palm of your hand.

Don't just cross your fingers. Choose a uniform program with Ace!

None of this is by chance. With decades in the uniform industry, we know how to deliver a uniform program that ticks all of your boxes and we know how to become a trusted part of your everyday business. Test out the Heilman Guarantee and don’t leave your uniform success to luck! Contact us today to get started.