OEM Uniforms for Auto Brands

OEM Uniforms for Auto Brands

The automotive industry is one of professionalism and strong branding, and as a uniform provider since 1932, Ace knows a thing or two about outfitting dealerships and manufacturers. Vehicles are easily recognizable and so should be those who work in the field. With one collective image to keep your team looking their best and wearing the highest quality garments, Ace offers an OEM uniform program for several auto brands. Ready to let us take the wheel?

Ace ImageWear partners with Red Kap

If you’re in the automotive industry, you likely know Red Kap as the go-to uniform manufacturer for all virtually all car brands. Trusted for decades, we’re proud to work with Red Kap in our OEM uniform program offerings and continue to maintain a strong relationship with their organization. We understand the need for recognition and cohesiveness in the world of manufacturing and service, especially in the auto world, and we offer dealership uniforms for all of your employees.

Whether you need executive clothes for your sales staff or uniforms for auto technicians, we’ve got you covered—we currently provide OEM branded uniforms for 19 of the top automotive brands! And with our Ace Champion Uniform Rental Program, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what dirt, grime, grease, or oil you get into, your uniforms will be delivered back to you crisp and clean every time.

Floor mats and shop towels, too

We can outfit your entire dealership, but we can also help you keep it clean and comfortable. Messes are inevitable in an auto shop, and we’ve got towels of all kinds to prevent any mishaps. A rental towel program just makes sense! With no upfront investment, peace of mind knowing you’re saving money and sustaining the environment, and being able to trust our cleaning processes and compliance, you never have to run out of supplies.

When it comes to mats, there are lots of options to meet your needs. Whether it’s logo mats for entryways and lobbies of your dealership, or anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats in a service building, you can trust Ace. Keep your employees productive and safe by choosing mats that eliminate fatigue through long periods or standing and other work, and mats that scrape dirt and grime from shoes and keep grease and oil from becoming a hazard.

As a provider that’s served your industry for decades, we completely understand the need for expertise in your field and a strong image, and we truly believe in the power of uniforms to do just that. If you’re ready to invest in an OEM uniform program, please reach out to us today. We’re ready to help!