Break Up With Your Uniform Provider

Break Up With Your Uniform Provider

Break Up With Your Uniform Provider

We’ve all been there… breaking up is hard to do! But it’s not hard breaking up with your uniform provider and switching to one with a trusted reputation like Ace ImageWear's. With decades of experience, a family-owned and operated history, and a dedication to doing business on a first-name basis, it’s really a no-brainer to make Ace your uniform provider.

Locally-owned and operated

Whether you seek us out in Kansas City or Houston, we’re committed to our respective communities. With family leadership at both locations and a dedication to sticking to the values surrounding our Heilman Guarantee, your uniform rental program (or mops, mats, and facility services) is easy for you and your employees. Local companies create new jobs, keep money in the community, and allow for personal connections and exceptional service. Don’t let a national company get you caught in a rut! Local providers take the cake every time in terms of service, deliveries, and more.

Technology forward

For every uniform question, we’ve got an app! Whether you currently deal with missing garments or incomplete deliveries or have issues making repair or replacement requests, we’ve got top-of-the-line technology to help mitigate exactly that. All garments are tagged and accounted for and allows our customers immediate online access to their uniform program information. With our TrAce app and garment technology, you and your employees can monitor your uniforms from the palm of your hand—view your garment histories, submit size change requests, and get notified of deliveries, all with TrAce.

There's more...

We also pride ourselves on being a sustainable uniform company with extensive green initiatives! Whether it’s water or energy efficiency, reducing waste, or recycling, we’re committed to sustainable practices and a laundering system that prioritizes the safety of our communities and our environment as a whole.

We're here for you

So if you’re ready to break up with your current provider, trust that you can move forward with one that knows exactly what they’re doing. It may feel difficult now, but working with Ace ImageWear is a choice you’ll truly love. Contact us today for more information on working with us!