Check Your Pockets

Check Your Pockets

Check Your Pockets

Participating in a uniform rental program is an exciting change for your leadership team and your employees! But if your workers are used to washing and laundering their own items, they may forget to check the pockets of their garments before turning them in to be washed at the Ace facility. In a normal washing machine, your items are usually salvageable after a wash cycle. But in an industrial washer? You can say goodbye to those glasses, tools, and cards! So before you offer up your uniforms for cleaning, make sure you check all of the pockets for any loose items. Here are some things we frequently find and that you should be on the lookout for!


While it certainly seems like you’d remember to grab your keys before leaving your workplace, these are one of the most frequently found items in our washers! Whether they’re car keys, house keys, or otherwise, make sure you check all of the pockets of your garments before turning them in. You don’t want to be locked out of anything important.


Whether prescription or sunglasses, our industrial washer is the last place you want your glasses to end up! Although they may just make it out a little warped, we know you’d prefer to have your glasses on the car ride home or at work the next day. Don’t go flying blind after handing your garments in.

Other miscellaneous items

Washed up business cards, small tools, even watches—we’re not strangers to completely random items found in our facility. Pockets can easily become a catch-all for things throughout a busy workday, and we completely understand that things may slip your mind. But the last thing you want is for an important item to be damaged during our laundering process.

Whatever the case, we’re still here to help. If you know you left something in your garment pockets, just give us a call and we’ll look for the item. We can usually catch it at check-in before uniforms are sorted to be washed, and can keep it safe for you to pick up here at Ace. But to help us minimize our collection of lost items and ensure that you don’t lose important things—flash drives, car keys, or otherwise—make it a habit to check your pockets! Any other questions about lost items or uniform programs in general? Give us a call today.