Play it Smart in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Play it Smart in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Play it Smart in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

If you know the bioscience or pharmaceutical industries, you know the imperative need for safety and compliance. With decades in the uniform industry, Ace ImageWear has supplied lab coats, scrubs, and other workwear to the booming industry for years, leaving us with extensive knowledge of specific regulations and requirements. At Ace, we know how to properly handle, launder, and deliver your garments, leaving you with the time and focus you need to stay on top of your game.

Compliance, rules, and regulations

In a specialty field like this, OSHA and FDA requirements are thorough and heed specific processing and handling procedures. No matter how strict your environment is, we’re committed to providing you with the uniforms you need, with details that keep your team safe and your work reliable. At Ace, we understand the importance of meeting standards and are here to help you do exactly that.

High standards meet high quality

With high quality garment offerings, ranging from anti-static materials to specialty snap closures to prevent cross-contamination, we offer a full suite of industry compliant garments—whatever you require to fulfill your uniform needs. From the safety and protection of employees to preserving the integrity of your work, we’ve got the right items for you, like lab coats, coveralls, scrubs, and more, all crafted with the highest level of materials. In addition, specialty uniforms help you identify and establish different teams, giving you a cohesive look that you can trust.

Specialty laundering

When you handle the number of garments we do every day, you know that each industry requires defined laundering and sanitizing, and that’s no different in pharmaceutical manufacturing. We understand the importance of a clean uniform—free of dirt, dust, or other contaminants that could affect the quality of your everyday work—and are committed to paying attention to detail, so your uniforms aren’t a source of worry. With our cutting edge TrAce technology, we can ensure that our sorting and washing processes are seamless, leaving you with a crisp, clean uniform every time.


Medicine, bioscience, or pharmaceuticals, Ace is here to provide you with the safest uniform possible for your team. When you’re faced with strict guidelines in your everyday work, don’t let your uniform be another thing on your plate. Play it smart with Ace ImageWear and contact us today to get started.