New Year, New Uniform Program

New Year, New Uniform Program

New Year, New Uniform Program

2020 put most of us through the washer…er, wringer. So as we inch closer and closer to 2021, there are lots of things on our to-do lists, with prioritizing safety and health at the top. Luckily, Ace ImageWear is here to help you tackle both of those things with our extensive uniform programs. As they say, New Year, New Uniform Program.

How Can A Uniform Program Help?

Happier, more productive employees

You might not know it, but studies have consistently shown that uniform programs create happier, more productive employees. From building camaraderie and promoting teamwork, to eliminating the stress of laundry at home and cleaning garments themselves, it’s easy to understand how a uniform program gives folks support and peace of mind. Add the ease of knowing what to wear to work each day and you foster an environment that allows your team to come into your facility ready to work and focus on the tasks at hand.

Cleanliness and safety

Back to our mention of laundry… Not only do you and your employees not have to worry about having a clean, crisp uniform every day of the work week, but you can also trust that your garments are cleaned with top of the line detergents, in state of the art washers, and delivered to you without a hassle. Particularly in a time where the elimination of germs and outside contaminants is a priority to maintain everyone’s safety, it’s just another stress eliminated knowing that your team can rely on thoroughly sanitized garments each day.

Support your local community

In the face of the pandemic, supporting local became a staple behavior for many of us. Well, Ace ImageWear makes that easy, too! As a local uniform and linen supplier, we work to communicate, provide, and invest, all to the best of our ability and in such a way that you can trust. If you know Ace, you know we do business on a first-name basis. What’s more? Research from CSC Network confirms: “Companies that switched to a local, independent textile rental supplier from a national chain were more likely to say that their new supplier exceeded their service expectations.” So by partnering with a local company, you’re creating jobs, supporting your community, and also getting the best service possible. It’s a win for everyone!

Whatever you’re looking to accomplish in the new year, we’re confident that we can help you reach your goals. Whether it be in making life easier for your employees, prioritizing safety and sanitization, or trusting a local company, we’re here to assist. Let’s leave 2020 in the past and Ace It together in 2021.