Roll With It: Restroom Supplies from Ace ImageWear

Roll With It: Restroom Supplies from Ace ImageWear

Roll With It: Restroom Supplies from Ace ImageWear

Whatever work you find yourself in, your facility and your employees deserve the best products possible to keep clean. Ace ImageWear has you covered in the sanitation area, from soaps and sanitizers for your team to towels for spills and messes, we can make sure that you have all the materials to make your restrooms a comfortable place to be!

Soaps and sanitizers

We offer two types of biodegradable soaps to clean, soften, and condition the skin. In maintenance, food processing, and other industries where you engage in frequent handwashing, having a gentle yet effective soap is essential! We also know that you and your team are likely always on the go, making our sanitizer that contains aloe vera and kills more than 99% of germs a quick and simple option.

Paper products

Paper towels and toilet paper are a must for your workplace restrooms, obviously! Our paper products aim to eliminate paper waste, promote maximum absorbency, and prevent cross contamination. With a couple of different paper towel options and a functional toilet tissue system, you never have to worry about running out of these essentials.

Replenishment benefits

The best part of these service facilities is our replenishment strategy. Our representatives will routinely check on your inventory, and replace and restock as necessary. This saves you time, energy, and worry, keeping your restrooms stocked with no hassle or second guessing.

Towel rental programs 

They may not be considered a restroom essential, but when it comes to spills and messes, towels are good to have on hand. Ace has a variety of options, from microfiber to cotton, all to help you keep your workplace tidy. A towel rental program will save money and the environment in comparison to wasteful disposable towels. While helping reduce your environmental impact and saving money are reason enough to look into a towel rental program, weekly restocking is another benefit. Your business will always have towels available to clean up any mess, bathrooms or otherwise.

There’s no time to waste! Let’s get your facility services and towels programs started! Ace it with us and request a quote today.