Sustainable Practices at Ace ImageWear

Sustainable Practices at Ace ImageWear

As the country turns green every spring, many of us reconsider all the ways we’re impacting our planet. At Ace ImageWear, we take extra steps to make sure we’re reducing our environmental footprint and engaging in sustainable practices.

Ace's laundry process

From the wash formulas to the weighed loads, industrial laundry processes are exceptionally resourceful, and that’s intentional. As a business that runs (what’s a good number here?) wash and dry cycles a week, making sure our detergents, wash formulas, and water usage is specific is of the utmost importance. So although the uniform industry is known for its big loads of laundry, the process is actually tailored to be as energy-efficient as possible! And we like to carry that mentality into more than just laundry.

We're committed to reusing and recycling

There are so many ways to rethink how you use products. For example, with a towel and mop rental program from Ace, your business engages in green initiatives without even realizing it! Instead of throwing out mop heads and dirty towels or using disposable products, which are notoriously bad for the environment, you get to use eco-friendly items that are well maintained by our team, all without giving it a second thought. We take care of and clean the items, ensuring they’re ready to use without waste. We also reuse over 8 million gallons of water annually, utilize a heat reclamation system to capture and save heat, and reuse all hangers throughout our facility.

What can't be recycled can be reduced

Not everything can be recycled, especially in a business, but we’re dedicated to making sure that we do our part however we can. We use LEDs and solar panels in our facility, decreasing electrical consumption and reducing CO2 emissions and we participate in several different recycling programs, ensuring that damaged products, mats, paper, e-waste, and more are either put to good use or disposed of properly. And there’s more! We remove thousands of pounds of oils, greases, and solids from the water leaving our facility, helping keep our waterways clean.

Ace your green initiatives with a uniform rental company that already has them top of mind. This Earth Day, and every day, we encourage you to find new and innovative ways to make a difference in your organization! Ready to strike up a partnership with a company as dedicated to the environment as they will be to you? Reach out to us today.