The Importance of Technology in Uniform Rental

The Importance of Technology in Uniform Rental

The Important of Technology in Uniform Rental

Ace ImageWear understands the importance of technology in the uniform industry—it allows us to guarantee complete orders and continue to build on a seamless process from check-in to delivery. Whether it’s offering the opportunity for our customers to track their garments or simply working to employ tech that allows us to stay a step ahead of the competition, Ace is dedicated to making your uniform rental experience the best it can be!

Top of the line garment technology 

One of the biggest challenges facing uniform rental companies is missing garment complaints. But with TrAce, our garment technology, we’ve adapted all of our rental programs to include barcodes and tags, leaving all uniforms accounted for at all times! At each phase of the process the garment undergoes within our facility, all the way to when it’s dropped off at your location, we know exactly where it is and where it belongs. It allows us to ensure that all deliveries are bundled properly, saving you from the hassle of missing shirts, pants, or other items.

Uniform industry, meet TrAce—our mobile app

This cutting-edge technology sets us apart from others and gives our customers the opportunity to follow along with their program right from their phones! With our TrAce app, saved to your home screen and ready for immediate access, you can submit repair and replacement requests, view your next delivery, and more. With enough on your plate, uniforms should be the least of your worries. Let Ace help you and your team out, providing you with easy-to-use technology and offering peace of mind.

The Heilman Guarantee 

And if the technology alone doesn’t impress you, our continued dedication to amazing service should! We do business on a first-name business, and we have for decades. It is our honor to work closely alongside our clients and customers, and to live up to the Heilman Guarantee; one of the strongest promises in the uniform industry. All of this in addition to our TrAce technology makes us one of the best in the game, and as a locally and family-owned business, you can trust that we’re committed to you and our community.

If you’re ready to learn more about how technology can improve your uniform process, reach out to us today! We cannot wait to meet you and show you everything Ace ImageWear is about.