The Importance of Technology in Uniform Rental

The Importance of Technology in Uniform Rental

It happens too often in the uniform rental business; your reliable service provider isn’t that reliable – your weekly delivery of uniforms has pieces missing again. 

Nothing is more frustrating than incomplete orders. At some point this week, you’re now going to be without uniforms.  Now a decision has to be made, do you show up to work without a uniform and be castigated, do you do laundry yourself even though your company’s paying for it, or do you call the uniform provider and file a complaint, and will it be resolved before you’re out of clothes?  You’re paying for a service to make your life less complicated, but now it’s more complicated.

Here at Ace, we value your time and your order. We want to eliminate the worry of missing uniforms, and we’ve accomplished that using technology.  Let me introduce you to TrAce, a garment tracking system with a mobile app!


What Makes Ace Different From Other Uniform Companies?

Ace doesn’t talk about technology, we live it.  We started barcoding and tracking garments in the ‘90s, so we’re pretty good at this.  We’ve developed two key technology tools to help keep your garment service seamless (pun intended).


The TrAce Process

Fast forward to today, we now use ultra-high radio frequency chips in every garment, giving you (and us) the knowledge of exactly what is turned in for cleaning and knowing 100% that it is returned on time.  Ask the big nationals if they can do that!  Here is a step-by-step of what we do here at Ace to ensure accurate deliveries every week.

  1. Upon arrival at our state-of-the-art processing facility, all uniforms are sorted by color and soil content, then immediately scanned in a high-speed portal, giving us a 100% verified count of wearer turn-in. 
  2. They are then washed and sent through a steam tunnel eliminating potential wrinkles and guaranteeing a sanitized uniform.
  3. The garments are inspected for damage and repaired or replaced when necessary – you don’t even have to ask!
  4. With the help of the UHF chips, uniforms are sorted down to the individual wearer, then scanned one final time to verify we’re sending back 100% of what you turned in!


The TrAce App

In addition to the use of chips to ensure accurate deliveries, we developed a proprietary mobile app that we populate with wearer information and garment turn-in activity.  Once activated on your mobile device, the TrAce app provides your team with:

  1. Weekly notifications of deliveries
  2. Ability to request to see the Ace route representative on the next delivery day
  3. Ability to request specific repairs or replacements
  4. Ability to request size changes or upgrades

With the help of TrAce and our UHF chips, we eliminate the disruption missing uniforms cause, giving you back your time and focus.  When your workers consistently have what they need to do their jobs, morale is higher and your team will be more focused on their job, not their uniforms. 


Don’t Waste Any More Time – Ace It!

You have enough on your plate, let us worry about your uniforms.  You’re always winning when you have an Ace up your sleeve! Make the switch! Contact us today to learn more!