Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean

Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean

Floors are literally the stomping ground for your business. They see everyone and everything that comes through your doors, including ice, salt, and dirt. All this action can take its toll, causing your floors to look dirty and worn, and can be expensive to repair. 

The state of your floors is not only important for safety, but for your brand’s image. If they are covered in dirt and dust, it looks messy and can be dangerous too. People slipping and falling is more likely to happen on dirty or wet floors. So it is important to manage your floors, but how do you do that and what is the best way? 

That’s where Ace comes in! We have a variety of products that can help you keep your floors clean and employees safe. 

Stop Accidents in their Tracks with Mats

Floor mats are a great way to maintain your floors, whether an employee is standing in the same spot all day or it’s a high traffic area, mats are the way to go. At Ace, we offer a variety of different mats, each kind serving different purposes, all designed keeping your floors in top condition and protect against fatigue, accidents, and injuries.

Logo Mats – Ideal for projecting your corporate image while protecting interior surfaces and trapping dirt throughout your facility.

Anti-Fatigue Mats – Provide a safe, productive surface for occupations requiring long periods of standing. These special mats allow leg muscles to contract and expand naturally, increasing blood flow and reducing fatigue.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Mats – All of our carpet-topped mats have carbon filaments woven throughout, helping to dissipate static buildup. Great for areas around computers, copiers, and other electronics.

Track-Off Mats – Engineered to provide safe footing in slippery environments typically outside of entrances, ramps, and areas where contaminants like grease and oil are present. These mats help scrape the dirt and grime from shoes.

Keeping Floors Clean and Fresh With Mops

Mops are another important step in your floor maintenance system. They clean up all the dirt and other grime leftover by traffic. Believe it or not, there are many different kinds of mops for different kinds of messes! It’s important to have the right kind for all occasions in your facility. 

Dust Mops – Ace ImageWear has a range of differently sized dust mops for any situation. Gather garbage and other loose debris in one clean sweep.

Wet Mops – We offer the classic string loop mops for more standard work settings. This type of mop has been getting the job done right for decades.

Mighty Microfiber Mops – We supply microfiber mops for both wet and dry mopping, a stronger option than the string-loop mops that first come to mind. Why Microfiber? Absorption. Microfiber mops are composed of extremely thin filaments (100 times thinner than a human hair) and absorb far more than the standard mop. Plus, microfiber mops scrub over 90% more bacteria off of surfaces than your old string loop mop. 

If your workplace faces issues of cross-contamination like food processing, chemical or laboratories, and needs to take extra precautions during cleaning, Ace ImageWear can set you up with a one mop per room strategy. 

Placement Matters

Having these supplies is a great way to manage floor messes, but where they are is just as important. Having mats placed at entrances for people to wipe their feet on lowers the amount of dirt that gets tracked in the building, lowering the amount of dirt you need to clean! If your employee stands in the same spot for most of the workday, having an anti fatigue mat is not only good for your employee, but a good way to prevent wear spots on your floor.

In addition to floor mats, establishing safety measures in important areas that tend to be wet is important for anyone that goes in and out of your facility. Anti-slip mats are a good way to prevent oil and other liquids from building up in one spot creating a hazard. 

By keeping your mops and other cleaning supplies in an easily accessible area, you’ll be able to clean potential messes quickly, preventing tracking the mess to other parts of the building and even causing permanent damage to surfaces. 


Ready to take the next step to clean floors? Contact us here to learn what Ace ImageWear can do for you!