Save Money, Choose Local

Save Money, Choose Local

Up, Up and Away...

There it goes!  You mailed out your uniform service check for the national supplier and boom - it’s gone from our local economy.  Off it goes to California, Ohio, Massachusetts or Utah, and just like our youth, it ain’t coming back 

Choosing local is the better option. Why?

  • Local businesses provide most of the current and new jobs in the US, so choosing local keeps our local economy growing.
  • Main St. companies make decisions based on local customers, local issues and family. Wall St. companies’ decisions are made for shareholder benefit.  
  • Ever call a national uniform provider? How many buttons did you have to press to get to someone and how familiar were they with you as a customer? How long did it take to resolve the issue? You hang up feeling like a small fish in a big ocean.
  • The big national companies have no way of knowing what our community needs and values are, meaning they can’t support our local nonprofits and organizations that we all value.

Ace ImageWear is in our community and we put money back into it,

keeping our local economy strong.

How Ace Helps

Being a local company means that we are personally invested in our customers - your success is our success. This mindset started with our founder whose motto was “Always do business on a first name basis,”. Try getting that from a national company. 

Smaller companies are flexible, faster to respond, and willing to take risks and invest. One local investment for us was in in technology. Our ultra-high frequency chips and supporting systems that help hold ourselves accountable in providing the best experience for our customers. The TrAce Smart Garment system we implemented ensures 100% complete uniform delivery and helps control unreturned garment exposure. You deserve to be able to know exactly what is going on, that’s why you have access to:

  • Wearer Mobile App that communicates delivery information and allows communication back to us for changes or requests.
  • Online account access to see up to date reporting on your entire account.
  • Handheld devices for your Ace route service representative, ensuring you receive instant change reports, as well as invoice and garment reports nightly after delivery.

Tired of sending money out-of-state on poorly maintained garments or unresponsive customer service? Make the switch to Ace - call today!