FR Uniforms: Do You Need Them?

FR Uniforms: Do You Need Them?

Stay Safe and Up-To-Date with Your Business Safety Protocol

There seems to be an acronym for everything these days, making it tough to keep track sometimes. But, for businesses looking for garments in manufacturing, the restaurant industry or others, the term “FR” should be top of mind.

What are FR Garments and Do You Need Them?

In the business of clothing, FR refers to “Flame Resistant” or the ability of a material to self-extinguish upon the removal of an ignition source.

See what we mean?! Important.

However, FR garments are not just for employees that are directly working with electricity and fire, which is a common and dangerous misconception. Flame Resistant Uniforms are specifically created to protect employees who could be exposed to an electrical arc, flash fire or even a combustible dust explosion. If you employ electricians, maintenance workers, HVAC service providers, line workers, grain storage operators or others - they may need FR protection. This is determined through engineered risk assessment.

Together Ace ImageWear and You Can Protect Your Employees

As a business owner, you wouldn’t purchase equipment that doesn’t work at its best capacity. The same care can be given to employee uniforms. It is similar to their equipment.

Not only do company uniforms serve as a way to brand your business and create a positive culture in the workplace, but it keeps those on the job safe. We wouldn’t give our employees anything but the best and we do the same for our business partners and customers. 

At Ace ImageWear we carry an extensive selection of flame-resistant uniforms and other worker apparel from both Bulwark and Reed. Categories include:

  • Flame Resistant Work Pants
  • Flame Resistant Uniform Shirts
  • Flame Resistant Jeans
  • Flame Resistant Coveralls
  • Flame Resistant Clothing with reflective striping

Let Us Take Care of the Details for Your Business 

So you’ve gotten a quick education on the importance of FR uniforms, but as a business owner we know you have plenty to focus on to maintain a successful business. Let Ace ImageWear handle the rest. 

Not only are we up-to-date on uniform standards, requirements and compliance, but will handle the details of providing clean, repaired and comfortable uniforms. We do the work so you don’t have to. Not to mention getting what you need to you complete and on time. It’s easy for us to do with our TRACE UHF chip tracking system – which not only tells us where the garment is in the processing system, but also keeps track of the use and wear on garments so that you never receive a worn down, ineffective uniform that leaves your employees in danger. 

Keep your employees and your business safe, reliable and up-to-date with a little help from Ace ImageWear. 

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