Towels Aren’t Just for the Beach

Towels Aren’t Just for the Beach

Towels Aren't Just for the Beach

Summer is finally here, which means spending a lot of days at the beach, lake, or pool to escape the heat. Towels are a much-needed necessity when it comes to summer activities, but many businesses also rely on them for their day-to-day work. Whether it’s messes to clean up, sweat to wipe down, or hands to help clean, rental towels have their place in most businesses.

Different towels for different industries

Whether you’re working in an auto shop or a restaurant, Ace ImageWear has the towel service program for you. We offer many different kinds of towels to match your specific industry, like cotton shop towels, kitchen and bar towels, microfiber towels, bath and gym towels, and more. Whatever your mess, we’re here to help you clean it up!

Benefits of rental programs 

Joining a towel rental program is good for your company’s wallet. Our personalized program keeps you from making any upfront investments into purchasing towels and makes sure you always have supplies on hand.

Our towel rental programs are also great for the environment. Disposable towels are only able to be used once before you throw them away, not to mention the precautions and compliance orders you need to follow to ensure one-use towels are being disposed of properly. Let us take care of that!

As a uniform rental company with decades of experience, we are extremely familiar with safety and compliance requirements, so you can count on us to provide safely laundered towels to you when you need them.

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