An Industrial Uniform Revolution

An Industrial Uniform Revolution

An Industrial Uniform Revolution

The industrial world is constantly changing and improving. Although this is certainly a positive thing, it can make it hard to keep up with the latest trends in safety wear. That’s where Ace comes in. Let us keep you ahead of the industrial uniform revolution!


Ace representatives know just what you need. It’s our job to keep up with the latest regulations when it comes to uniform compliance. Our uniforms follow OSHA, NFPA, and ANSI compliance with resistant and other specialized options. We’ll keep your uniforms updated to follow the latest guidelines, and if you have any questions about how our uniform options meet guidelines, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to explain how our uniforms meet all of your needs.


We know how important employee happiness and satisfaction is to your company. It’s no secret that people perform better when they’re happy, and people are certainly happier when they’re comfortable. Forget that itchy, stiff, rough uniform; Ace offers many fabrics that are both breathable and comfortable, making sure that your employees are thriving in their work environment.

Cohesive brand identity

Branded uniforms bring unity to your business. With intentional uniforms, your employees will feel like they’re all on the same playing field as one team. Customers will begin to recognize your company and employees simply by what they are wearing—it’s a walking marketing campaign! Uniforms are also a quick and effective way to distinguish industrial workers, whether it be from the public, different departments, or those in leadership roles. Coordinated and branded uniforms make on-sight recognition easy.

And of course, the safety of your employees is always top of mind, but what about the safety of your customers? Branded uniforms can serve as a point of reassurance for customers. They’ll recognize you right when you step in their front door. When a client sees your company logo, they’ll be put at ease knowing they’re in good hands.

Come join us!

This uniform revolution is an important piece of the industrial business. With dedication to improving practices and equipment, it’s vital that uniforms follow that lead. Are you ready to join the uniform revolution? Contact Ace ImageWear today.