What Happens When Employees Wear Their Own Clothes?

What Happens When Employees Wear Their Own Clothes?

Suppose you partner with a uniform rental provider that doesn’t use high-quality fabrics. In that case, your uniforms are probably uncomfortable, and your team is so distracted by what they’re wearing, they most likely aren’t performing as well. They’re probably thinking about how comfortable their own clothes are! Maybe you or your employees are thinking; “do we really need to wear uniforms to work?”

What would happen if your employees wear their own clothes to the workplace? Sure, they might be a little more comfortable, but let’s take a moment to really consider the importance of a good uniform. 

Unprofessional and Unsafe

Wearing personal clothes to work doesn’t just look unprofessional, it’s unsafe! Day-to-day clothes aren’t made with safety in mind. Fabrics can get caught in machinery, they can be easily flammable, and they won’t protect your skin from harmful chemicals, oils, or grease. You can expect the worst to happen at your worksite with nothing protecting your workers. 

So you cut ties with your uniform provider but now the responsibility of safety is put on your team. Making your employees pay for their own uniforms is unappealing. Showing up to work in different safety gear won’t make your team look as cohesive and orderly. You have 10 employees? You now have 10 different ideas of clean, repaired, finished and appropriate! 

It doesn’t have to be this way, and your team doesn’t have to keep working in uncomfortable uniforms either. Ace ImageWear provides uniforms in high-quality fabrics that will keep your employees looking and feeling their best. Plus, we handle all the laundry! So your workers can get back to getting the job done, and you can get back to running your business.  

A Difference You Feel

A good uniform makes all the difference. Invest in a uniform rental provider that cares about your employee’s safety, and comfort, and you’ll never hear them doubt the importance of uniforms in the workplace. Contact us today and feel the Ace ImageWear difference!