Going the Distance—A Day in the Life of a Delivery Driver

Going the Distance—A Day in the Life of a Delivery Driver

This is a face you see all the time; the smiling, friendly face of your Ace ImageWear Customer Service Representative (CSR), dropping off your uniforms and striking up a conversation about your business needs. But have you ever wondered just what our incredible CSRs do in a workday? 

Let’s take a ride with one of our CSRs and get a first-hand look at all the hard work they do for us!

The Familiar Face of your Ace Professional 

Hop on in the passenger seat with one of our CSRs.

It’s well before daybreak and our professional has just started their shift. The truck is loaded up at our warehouse with freshly laundered uniforms that need to be delivered back to our customers, and with a ten-hour workday, our driver has a long road ahead of them! After making sure the delivery load is secure, they begin their drive!

Each CSR has a fixed set of customers, which is why you never see a stranger dropping off your uniforms and he knows each of his customers and their needs!  Most times, our customers can set their watch by our guys – they show up at the same time, and same channel week in and week out.  The CSR arrives at his first destination and makes sure he’s dropping off the correct quantity at the right time, at the right place. After carefully putting away the clean uniforms, he loads up the soiled garments back onto the truck to take them for laundering and repair if necessary.

Our CSRs are the face of Ace ImageWear, and they take pride in forming positive relationships with our clients. They’ll check inventory levels, then stop to talk with the customer to see if there are any issues with their service or products. If something went wrong with an order, or if they need a replacement, our CSRs are there to help or report back to Ace so we can handle it!

The CSRs also handle the delivery of facility service products. They’ll drop off your mats, mops, restroom supplies, and all the odds and ends you need to keep your business running smoothly. And because our driver does regular inventory checks with you, you won’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper or hand sanitizer! 

Our Customer Service Representative gets back in the truck and continues on his workday, meeting with more customers and completing more pick-ups and deliveries. Much like the postal service, here they come – Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.  Well just add that they do this all while following traffic laws and maintaining a safe driving environment. 

By about 4 pm is when our drivers pull back into the warehouse and wrap up the workday! Their daily wrap-up includes:

  • Check and validate customer orders
  • Debrief with management about customer questions or concerns.
  • Ensure that all invoices are turned in. 
  • Verify proper check amounts from each cash account on behalf of the company and submit these nightly
  • Complete daily truck reports, which include checking the mirrors, engine, lights, signals, and tire pressure.

Don’t feel too sorry for their long ten-hour day, because it’s only four days a week, so our CSRs get every Friday off.  For many, this schedule gives them the flexibility to get long weekends to see their families, and friends, or enjoy their hobbies. Having this regular, reliable schedule offers many benefits for both our employees and our customers! 

How Far Our Delivery Drivers Go

There are not enough ways to say how thankful we are for our CSRs. They’re the faces of our company and work hard to uphold our company values. We know you love our guys, and we love them too! 

Now that you have gone for a drive with us, you know what it takes for our CSRs to make it to you safely and efficiently. Next time you see that friendly face behind the wheel, pulling up in an Ace truck, you’ll have a better idea of what a day in their lives is like. 

Want to give a special shoutout to your Ace Customer Service Representative? Or maybe your current uniform rental service isn’t cutting it. Let us know!