High-Quality Garments from Red Kap

High-Quality Garments from Red Kap

What is one of the biggest differences between Ace ImageWear and the other guys? Besides our unmatched customer service, commitment to complete and on-time deliveries, and a huge list of inventory options, we have another great advantage: our fabrics. The quality of fabrics in uniforms is what makes a company stand out! We know a big complaint with uniforms is often that they’re uncomfortable, and Ace wants your team feeling safe AND comfortable. We only pick the best brands for you and provide the toughest workwear out there to withstand the tough work your team does every day. The last thing we want to do is cut corners. 

That’s why Ace has been partners with Red Kap for the last five decades – to provide your team with comfortable, functional designs. Red Kap pays attention to boring stuff like gussets, yokes, thigh dimensions, pocket size and location, and fabric “hand”.  All this attention to detail ensures you’re working in a comfortable, yet functional garment every day. This clothing distribution company stands strong with its values, which is something we can all get behind!

Why Red Kap?

Red Kap was started in 1923 by a pair of brothers and their cousin. They started a mission to create a line of affordable premium workwear and went on to help manufacture gas mask carriers, combat fatigues, and field jackets during World War II. After the war, Red Kap partnered with laundry services to supply uniforms to all sorts of businesses, and by 1960, Red Kap was considered a major company in the workwear industry.

Our clients are tough workers, so our fabric partner is too! This business pulled itself up from its bootstraps to get where they are now. We trust Red Kap, and you should too. 

A Workwear Match Made in Heaven

Our customers are the best, so Ace only partners with the best. With the help of Red Kap, we’ll meet all your uniform needs. Complete with customization, guaranteed on-time, complete delivery, and so much more. No matter if you’re in need of automotive, manufacturing, hospitality, or biomedical uniforms, we can find the apparel right for you. Even better, your team will look good and feel good when getting the job done. 

High-Quality Materials, High-Quality Service

Not only do we offer the best in fabrics and materials, but we also offer the best quality service in the area. Our RFID garment-tracking technology ensures your uniform orders arrive clean, complete, and on time, every time. Plus, with the TrAce app, you can track your order, make changes, and request repairs all from your phone! At Ace, we pride ourselves on being available to our clients whenever they need us. With a dedicated route rep, you will always see a familiar face on delivery day.

Need facility services? We have that too. Check out our extensive list of options to help keep your facilities looking great. 

Ready to get your team the best of the best when it comes to uniforms? Reach out to us today to get started!