Communication is Key Between Customers & Suppliers

Communication is Key Between Customers & Suppliers

Communication is Key

Here at Ace, we understand how important it is to talk to an actual person and not a robot or recording. As a company who prioritizes customer service on a first name basis, we feel strongly about making sure that you’re always able to communicate with a member of our team. We are committed to providing service from local people—no call centers here!

You will talk to people that can personally make changes, updates and address any concerns you may have with your account. We try to remain as open and accessible as possible, so much so that if you ever need to reach our owner, his email and phone number are available to you. How many uniform companies are that transparent with their customers?

Building Relationships 

The team at Ace believes getting to know customers on a personal level is important to understanding and anticipating the needs of clients, and providing you with a customized and specific uniform program that gives great solutions is our biggest priority. To us, that can only be achieved with frequent and detailed communication. Our RSRs are here for you and ready listen and pay attention to what your company and employees need, making suggestions personalized to you.

TrAce communication

Our TrAce App is a web-based application accessible on any device. Employees of current Ace ImageWear customers can easily create a free account to access their uniform program information and request repairs and replacements. Additionally, the web app can send you text or email notifications when uniforms are delivered. This allows you to have 24/7 access to your uniform information and see real time updates. We love the TrAce app and how it provides us with an exceptionally transparent way of communicating with our clients.

We're always available 

During times of crisis, communication between customers and suppliers is of the utmost importance. While we all try to navigate through this difficult time together, we want to assure you that our team is available by any means necessary to answer customer questions. We are always here to assist you however we can. Interested in letting us help you Ace It? Contact us today.